Various New and Different Items!

  • Pete Cetinski has released his game RoundUp! for purchase on disk and on tape. He is using eBay for ordering, so if you are interested, please visit his auctions!
  • George Philips has written a Model III Game where you try to free the stuck Ever Given from the canal. You can download it here or play it via online emulator here.
  • Amardeep Chana has written a Tape-Based Disk Formatter for the TRS-80 Model III or 4. It will allow you to exercise the floppy drives without a bootable diskette. You can download v1.2 here.
  • Lawrence Kesteloot appears to have updated the command line version of his cassette reader/cleaner utility on April 25, 2021. You can download it from
  • Jürgen Büssert has updated his Tape-Based DOS Maker for the Model I to v4.1. You can find his web page explaining operation here or you can download the file here.

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