TRS-80 Trash Talk Live # 11

Announcements and inquiries from TRS-80 Trash Talk Live # 11:

  • Quentin Barnes is looking for a working copy of Quartus II v9.0 or earlier to assist the creator of the Catweasel in updating the Catweasel. If you have any information or can help, please contact me.
  • Arno Puder has gone over some updates to his TRS-IO card allowing it to do floppy disk emulation, printer port access, and any other memory mapped I/O. Arno also hopes to use bluetooth to access game controllers in upcoming versions.
  • Arno also went over the PocketTRS which is a tiny card which emulates a Model III, and has a 50-Pin Bus for hooking actual Model III hardware. They are working on v2.2 which will improve WiFi connectivity.
  • George Hines, creator of the Floppy Remapper, announced his latest project, a Model I which uses a EEPROM Header Mod to permit switching between Level I and Level II.
  • Tandy Assembly is currently scheduled for October 1-3, 2021 in Springfield, Ohio.
  • Pete Cetinski has archived RM Cobol Operating System for the Model 16. Peter Phillips is using it to fix some bugs in TRS80GP’s emulation of the Model 16.
  • Dusty mentioned that articles for the March issue of TRS8BIT are needed by end of February.
  • Ken B is working on scaning the Tandy National Parts microfiche.
  • Pete Centinski, Joe Rounceville, and Al Schemmer have been added to the TRS-80 Repair-people page.
  • Steve Hall has agreed to take on the task of providing boot disks those of in the U.K. and E.U. Information for reaching out to Steve can be found on the Diskette Request Form shortly.

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