1. The 1982 Radio Shack computer catalog has this for $2495 and the 1983 catalog has it for $2295. Looks like you got better deal with a dealer.

  2. 48K? 48K?????
    I bought mine in about 1981 and I could barely afford the base 16K model.

    48K? OMG.

    In hindsight, I doubt any of us were able to put to use much more than 16K. I wrote assembler and basic stuff, no hard drives, and only once used up 16K. I had to come up with clever compression code to fit my arrays into the top of memory, where I could hide them via the mem size? value.
    I still have the printed out code of that program.
    A few years ago, I picked up an old, never opened (original seals intact), 48K, >>>dual disc drive<< Model III for about $200. Works perfectly. The only problem is that my original code was intended for non disc TRS-DOS, so my clever memory var pointers and storing stuff doesn't work, and I can't find any manuals nowadays that let me change my original varptr values. Oh well. I guess I should move on now, right?

    Hugs to all from then.


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