Site Updates

Site Updates since the last …

  • Added a Fun Stuff web page, with cute things that are probably only found on the news page when they first came out.
  • Changed the Software Archive Search to remove language and catalog columns if they are all English or blank, respectively – reallocating the space to other columns.
  • Converted the Catalog Search page to CSS3, notedly after realizing that it contained the line <script language="JavaScript1.2" src="">
  • Converted the Magazine Search page to CSS3. That’s it. Everything has been converted.
  • Fixed so … many … bugs in the Magazine Search page. YIKES.
  • Added CODEWORKS Magazine to the Magazine Search Page database.
  • Fixed all broken links that reported. It doesn’t check files or images, so there may be some magazine covers which are broken.
  • has let me know that images that come up as a result of clicking on a catalog number need to be updated. That will take me some time.
  • Although 2017 is not old, the way WordPress stores news items leads to excessive page counts, and those page counts make generating a sitemap impossible. So I have moved the 2017 news to its own page. It wasn’t enough to get the site fully covered, but at least it pulled 41 pages off.
  • Added entries in the Hardware Mods page for the following articles I found on (note: you will need google translate)

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