December 2019 Issue of TRS8Bit

Dusty has released the December 2019 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter on the download page of his web site.


Page 1
Travelling Mav
Ian Goes Through The TA 2019 Events For Us, Who Were Unlucky Enough Not To Be Able To Attend (Ian Mavric)
Page 16
The Retro Search
Kevin Updates Us With The Improvements He Has Made Over The Recent Months. (Kevin Parker)
Page 17
Kennett classic
Bill & Karen Announce Their New Project (Bill Degnan & Karen Doneker)
Page 20
Tesla Cybertruck
George Phillips
Page 23
Stretch Your Mind
Another Puzzle From Harold (Harold Finch)
Page 26
Roll ’em
A Nice Little Idea, From The Day Given A 21st Century One-liner Twist (E.t. Fonehune)
Page 28
In Mav’s Workshop
Ian Looks At Some Recently Released Games For The TRS-80 Range And Announces A Competition For 2020Page 36 (Ian Mavric)
Page 37
Tandy Bargains On
Look As Some Of Recent Ebay Bargains
Page 39
News From Ira At
Page 41
Lotech Hard Drive For LDOS & LS-DOS For The Models I, III & 4
Page 49
The Way We Were
Just A Look At Some Newsy Item From The Day
Page 62
Pete Has More Information Of The M2 Arcnet Setup He Had Running At This Years T.A. (Peter Cetinski)
Page 64
Have You Ever Come Across This Language? Is There A Version Available For The Trs-80 Range? Please, Let Us Know
Page 67
In Mav’s Workshop
Revisiting The CN80 Model 4 Mouse Project – Part 1. (Ian Mavric)

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