Game Bugs

Olympic Decathlon (Richard Merryman 2016-04-12)

In the high jump event, after you press [SPACEBAR] to start running wait for the athlete to appear on the left side of the screen. As soon as the athlete appears press [DOWN] followed immediately with [ENTER]. The athlete will proceed to jump backwards off the left side of the screen which results in a GOOD JUMP!

You can do this over and over as the bar gets higher and higher until the bar gets to 270cm. For some odd reason at this point the pole vault box appears in front of the bar and your running speed increases from 620 CM/SEC to 56276 CM/SEC. Your distance goes haywire and your athlete never appears on the screen and it says YOU DIDN’T JUMP! after a few seconds. It will do this until you exhaust your three attempts to clear the bar and you will end up with a score of 1290 for the event.

Other Bugs


In BASIC, if you enter 3 spaces and then a '(apostrophe), followed by ENTER, and then enter 4 spaces and then a '(apostrophe), followed by ENTER, your TRS-80 will crash.

George Phillips noted that this can also be accomplished by RIGHT ARROW'ENTER'ENTER.