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TRS-80 Zaps/Patches/Pokes/Tips

by @ 5:36 pm on February 24, 2009.
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DOS Tricks
Level II Tricks
Internals (ROM / RAM / PORTS / CALLS / TOKENS)
Hardware Modifications
Machine Language Routines
Model III Tricks
Model 4 Tricks
Model 4P Tricks
Easter Eggs
SuperScripsit File Structure

DOS Zaps Menu
LDOS v5.3.1 (Model I) *Unofficial* Zaps
LDOS v5.3.1 (Model III) *Unofficial* Zaps
LDOS v6.3.1 (Model 4) *Unofficial* Zaps
NEWDOS/80 Zaps (Official and Unofficial) have been moved to the NEWDOS/80 Page
TRSDOS v1.2 Zaps
TRSDOS v1.3 *Official* Zaps
TRSDOS v1.3 *Unofficial* Zaps
Model 4 TRSDOS *Unofficial* Zaps

Software Zaps and Patches
Electric Pencil Zaps
Software Modifications and Patches

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