‘Quinnterface’ Model 1 32K Hardware Add-On for the FreHD Interface

‘Quinnterface’ 32K Memory Upgrade Add-On & Interface to the FreHD Hard Drive Emulator.

  • The “Quinnterface” allows Model 1 users to add 32K RAM to their system without the need for the R.S. Expansion Interface. It also allows for the connecting and easy use of the FreHD hardware, a hard drive emulator. On December 1 J. Andrew Quinn, Bas Gialopsos, and Ian Mavric released the J. Andrew Quinn “Quinnterface” a hardware expansion device for the Model 1. The price is $95- USD. A video on the product was also posted.
    • Contact for:

    • Andrew Quinn – jaquinn@ihug.co.nz
    • Bas Gialopsos at BetaGamma Computing – BGCompute@aol.com
    • Ian Mavric – IanMav@netspace.net.au

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