October 16, 2017 – SuperCard Pro

As most of you may know, the Catweasel card is not currently being manufactured or sold and some may be looking for an alternate way to read/write TRS-80 disks on a PC. I was recently (re-?)advised of the existence of the Super Card Pro, and although I have not tested or used one, it does look solid from the stuff online.

The SuperCard Pro is a flux level copier/imager/converter of almost all types of floppy disks to a SCP format. SCP can duplicate/any disk type. Since it’s a flux copier, it doesn’t “know” anything about any disk format. An index pulse is not actually required (but makes image files smaller). In fact, you can duplicate the back side of a double-sided “flippy” disk by just flipping the disk over!

Once you have your image, you can use the software that comes with the HxC Floppy Drive Emulator has a function to convert from SCP format to DMK format (your mileage may vary).

While the catweasel is/was a PCI card, this card is driven either from a USB port or as a stand alone device! It is powered by the USB cable. The bios/cpu on the card can be reflashed (via USB) so that the card can be kept up to date. Drivers are currently available only for PC’s.

The card currently costs $99.95 and if you look at the PCB carefully, you will see that the creator has quite the sense of humor.


     The product web page can be found at

     The manual can be found at

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