July 19, 2017 – DMK Format Catching On

While not TRS-80 related, it seems the DMK format is catching on. A French developer has written a command line utility to take DMK images of MSX disks, and convert them into a format usable by a SuperCard Pro device (which I suspect is something MSX related). Source is included if you want to have a look. The page can be found at http://lhalter.free.fr/mgr/

Also, the 80 Microcomputing Magazines and the Model 100 from the below posts are STILL available for those able to do local pickup.


  1. The developer of SuperCard Pro is an american called Jim Drew, who worked at Central Point Software, and he is a lover of Commodore systems. I am a brazilian MSX lover/collector and I am helping to test DMK tools on MSX computers, for the preservation of copy-protected MSX disks. Best Regards.

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