Compilers/Decompilers (for Windows Only)

Utility Name     Date         Author       Home Site
Z80Asm v1.2 April 25, 2013 Matthew Reed Z80Asm Page
Z80Asm assembles TRS-80 assembly language programs and creates /CMD files that will run on a real or emulated TRS-80, but it runs on the command line of your Windows PC. That means you can use your favorite Windows text editor to create and edit your assembly language source files and that your source files will be stored on your Windows hard drive (and can easily be backed up onto CD’s, DVD’s, thumb drives, and so on). Z80Asm is the modern, easy way to do assembly language development for your TRS-80 Models I, III, and 4.

The unregistered version has the following restrictions:
•  Generates only CMD files, not HEX, core image, or COM files
•  Does not generate an equate listing
•  Does not allow reading from or writing to TRS-80 virtual disk files

Visit the official Z80Asm Page for registration information.

Utility Name     Date         Author       Home Site
Z80Disasm v1.0 March 24, 2010 Matthew Reed Z80Disasm Page
Z80Disasm is a freeware command-line Z80 disassembler for Windows. It is a symbolic labeling disassembler that supports all Z80 instructions and can read either TRS-80 CMD files or Intel HEX files.
TRS-80 BASIC Converters (MSDOS Only)
Utility Name     Date         Author      
Binary BASIC to ASCII BASIC Converter September 24, 1998 George Phillips

Description   Date   Author  
TRS-80 to IBM-PC Conversion Program v3.0 April 25, 1998 Dave McCoy (v2.0) and Bruce Goldman (v3.0)
IBM DOS program to reformat TRS-80 Basic Code


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