TRS-80 Model III Specifications:
CPU: Advanced Z-80A 8-Bit Processor (2.03 MHz) Kits were sold to double this to 4Mhz
RAM: 4K – 48K
ROM: 4K ROM (Level I) or 14K ROM (Model III BASIC – co copyrighted by Tandy and Microsoft)
Video Display: Memory mapped with high-resolution 12″ Black and White Integrated Monitor. Includes scroll protect with 96 text characters, 64 graphics characters and 160 “special” characters. Screen format for Level I and Model III BASIC is 64 characters by 16 lines. Model III BASIC also provides 32 characters by 16 lines. Graphics are 128×48.
Keyboard: Full-size “typewriter’ style, 65-key integral keyboard includes 12-key numeric pad for data entry plus repeating keys. Model III BASIC includes upper and lower case.
I/O: Cassette Tape Recorder (250 Baud for Level I; 500/1500 Baud for Level II)
Ports: Computer-controlled cassette inferface, Parallel Printer interface, internal 25 pin RS-232-C (Serial) Port, Buffered Bus for adding 2 Internal and 2 external double-density 5 1/4-inch disk drives.
Power: Integral power supply of 105-130VAC @ 60 Hz. U.L. lited.
Dimensions: 12-1/2 x 18-7/8 x 21-1/2″
Optional Expansions:
     Internal (2) and External (2) 5.25″ Floppy Drives holding 178K each
     Optional Hi-Res Graphics Board
Compatibility: Substantial Compatibility with the Model I (main incompatibility: Port vs. Memory address)

Radio Shack’s Description of the Model III
In General …

Model III is an exciting new personal and small business computer. It’s completely self-contained in a desk-top unit. Like Model I, it’s fully expandable – you can start with a 4K Level I system and let it grow with your needs. There’s plenty of room inside for more memory, communications interface, and 2 double-density disk drives. And best of all, most Model I software will run on Model III, so there are already hundreds of applications you can put to use! Available with either Level I or powerful Model III BASIC.

Radio Shack introduces the exciting new computer for the 80s. Designed in the great TRS-80 tradition, the Model III is beautiful, functional, expandable, and afforable. Since memoy can range from 4 to 48K RAM, Model III can fill a wide range of needs. Your system can be exapnded so easily, it’s hard to “outgrow” the Model III. You can start with the popular Level I “learner’s” language, and later expand to the very powerful Model III BASIC with 16K memory. And there’s room inside to add the RS-232 serial board, plus 1 or 2 disk drives. Simply bring your Model III into your local Radio Shack store, dealer, or Computer Center for fast, easy installation of upgrade kits. Of course you may also add external options, like a printer, plotter, or up to 2 more disk drives.

4K Level I BASIC is the same as Model I BASIC, but with printing commands included. Model III BASIC has all the features of Model I Level II BASIC plus a lot more. 14K ROM includes upper and lower case ability plus 2-speed cassette operation, 500 baud (Model I compatible) and 1500 baud for 3 times faster tape loading. A real time clock, expanded “special” character set, printer/video routing, keyboard-controlled screen printing, repeating keys, and software for the optional RS-232 are all built in.

Virtually all our software and most non-Radio Shack software for the Model I is compatible with the Model III, giving a selection of applications. Each Model III includes a 65-key keyboard with a 12-key datapad, top-mounted recessed “reset” switch, hidden side-mounted AC switch and monitor controls, 12″ built-in high-resolution monitor, back-mounted cassette jack, printer connector and Model III bus.

12-1/2 x 18-7/8 x 20-1/2″. U.L. listed AC operation.


Level I: Radio Shack’s TRS-80 Level I language is the easlest way for beginners to learn computer programming. It’s a simplified version of the BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) programming language, and allows you to “talk” to the computer using simple English commands and statements. Even if you have no prior knowledge of computer operation or programmlng, the easy-to-understand 236-page manual (Included) will have you programming the TRS-80 in no time. Level I includes most standard BASlC commands and features, a screen dlsplay of 16 lines of 64 upper-case characters, 48×128 video graphics, 250-baud cassette input/output rate, floating point arithmetic, 6-digit numeric accuracy, single dimension array, limited string variables, command abbreviations and simplified error codes. Level I for Model II now includes printer commands LPRINT and LLIST. Level I is stored in 4K of Read-Only Memory so it’s ready to use the instant you turn on your TRS-80 computer.

Model III BASIC: Get more features, accuracy and computing power with our Model III BASlC In 14K ROM. Execution time is 30% faster than Level I’s and it adds features like repeating keys, a screen format of 16 lines of either 32 or 64 upper and lower case characters-with automatic scrolling, and a screen print command. There’s dual-speed (500 and 1500-baud) cassette operation. You get multi-deminional arrays, definable cursor, comprehensive string variable handling, automatic line numbering, extensive editing commands, TRACE, PEEK and POKE, call-up of machine language routines, initalization of the optional RS-232 port, scroll protect, 23 specific error codes and even a special graphics character set. There’s 16-digit numeric accuracy (intrinsic functions remain at 6-digit accuracy). Compressed storage format for video display text. Program lines, logical lines, and string variables may be up to 255 characters long. Includes comprehensive reference manual and 340-page beginners manual.

As a Business System …

Here is a complete business system (except for your choice of printers) in a beautifully-styled, one-piece desktop housing. It includes a high-resdution, 12-inch video display with upper and lower case characters, typewriter-style keyboard, 12-key data pad, and two high-capacity disk storage units. Also included are a parallal printer port and a RS-232C serial port. Our Desktop Business Computer is ideal for many business applications. As a management tool, our Visicalc program allows fast and accurate “What if . . .” calculations. With Profile, you can catalog your data and print reports the way you want them. Add a printer and do Mailing List Management, Inventory Control, Payroll, Billing, Payables or General Ledger – and we have the software to do it! And with our SCRIPSIT software and the proper printer you can have a time and labor-saving word processing system, too!

You’ll get double-density disks, with 178,000 bytes of memory storage per disk. For added versatility you can convert the single-density Model I disks. So this powerful version of Model III is directly software compatible with most Model I programs. And, of course, you can add any of our Line Printers or Word Processing Printers to the parallel printer port. Although this system includes 2 built-in disk drives, you can add 1 or 2 more, for a total of about 670,000 bytes of starage space.

The RS232 Serial Communication Interface (optional on the Model I) comes built into the Desktop Business Computer. Just add our Telephone Interface II and you can then “talk” to other computers -anywhere! And various serial accessories can also be used. Just conned a cable and you’re an aet-no interface needed!

The system includes all of the TRS-80 Model III features and compes complete with a comprehensive programming manual and TRSDOS.


The “TRSDOS” Disk Operating System is necessary for disk operation “housekeeping.” It includes numerous commands plus utility subroutiens that re necessary for disk file maintenance.

Model III TRSDOS has most of the Model I system commands plus many features that are dound in our top-of-the-line Model II. A few of its highlights are: BUILD and DO that allow a series of commands to be executed automatically when you “power-up,” taking you directly into your applications program. HELP will give you detailed information on the use of a specified command. SETCOM initializes the serial port for data communications. TIME and CLOCK will let you set and access the real-time clock. CONVERT makes the vast majority of single density Model I software compatible with the double-density Model III. LIST makes it easy to examine any disk file on your screen or printer. Detailed error messages are at your fingertips with the ERROR command.

Model III TRSDOS comes with Disk BASIC and a comprehensive manual.

Disk Expansion Is Easy For Your Model III

Any Model III can easily be expanded to the top-flight 32K Desktop Business Computer by adding the RAM and ROM and Mini-Disk drives. The Model III disk system stores and allows immediate access to the large amounts of data and programs you need for accounting, inventory control, mailing lists, and other jobs. Up to 4 drives can be attached, furinishing from 134,000 to about 670,000 bytes of on-line storage.

Each of the diskette’s 40 tracks consists of eighteen 256-byte double-density sectors. The first Disk Drive includes a diskette containing our powerful TRSDOS and Disk BASIC. It allows about 134K of user storage space. Certain system information and a directory are required on each diskette, leaving 178,944 bytes available on each of the second, third, and fourth drives. The system diskette containing TRSDOS and Disk BASIC must always be in your first drive unit.

Model III Advertisements

Radio Shack Expansion Options/Prices


Item Cat. No. Initial
Product Description
Model III, 4K RAM, Level I 26‑1061 $699.00
Model III 16K RAM, Model III BASIC 26‑1062 $999.00
Model III Desktop Business Computer 26‑1063 $2,495.00
Model III 48K, 1-Disk, without RS-232 26‑1065 $1,995.00 Same as 26‑1066 Model III Desktop Business Computer, except with 1 Disk Drive and no RS-232C Interface.
Model III Desktop Business Computer 26‑1066 $2,495.00 Here is a complete business system (except for your choice of printers) – now with a full 48,000 character memory. It’s the personal computer designed to increase the productivity of every manager. Everything – including two double-density disk drives with 306,000 characters of available disk storage, typewriter-style keyboard and 12″ upper and lower case video display – is built into the contemporary-style one-piece cabinet. Also included are a 12-key datapad, repeating keys and printer port. Use the Model II to solve business problems. Our VisiCalc planning program allows fast and accurate “what if. . . ?” projections. With Profile III Plus, Model III retrieves information and can print reports the way you want them. Our SCRIPSIT program and an optional printer turns Model III into a time and labor-saving word processing system. Or use Time Manager to schedule appointments, prioritize work activities, and remind you of items needing follow-up. The RS-232C Serial Communications Interface is built in-just add a modem and cable to allow your Model III to communicate with other combuilt puters over the phone lines. Add one or two more external disk drives any time. Comes with the Disk BASIC and TRSDOS Operating System disk, owner’s manual and comprehensive programming manual. U.L. listed.
Model III “Starter System” N/A $997.00 [Model III Starter System]Here’s an ideal computer system for the beginner for which you’ll hundreds of uses — from education to learning computer programming to entertainment. We’ve teamed with the 4K Level I (26‑1061), the Quick Printer II (26‑1155) and Printer Cable (26‑1406) to provide a listing of your programs, in addition to data output. Plus, the CTR-80A Cassette Recorder (26‑1206) lets you store and and retrieve your own written programs, or you can use our prepared software. And this system will easiliy expand as your skill and needs grow.
Model III “Engineer” N/A $1886.95 [Model III Engineer System]For those “technical-type” applications, the 16K Model III (26‑1062) with powerful Model III BASIC is for you. This system offers easy programmability plus advanced math features you’ll need to cut technical computations down to size. The Line Printer II (26‑1154),and Printer Cable (26‑1415), provides printed output at 100 characters per second. You can save your programs and also data on cassette tapes, then re-enter them using the CTR-80A Cassette Recorder (26‑1206). Plus, you can expand to disk storage at any time.
Model III “Word Processing System” N/A $3,622.00 [Model III Word Processing System]Our Scripsit software (26‑1563) and Desktop Business Computer system (26‑1063) give you low-cost, full-feature word processing. Letters and documents can be composed on the video screen – making editing easy. Next, save the completed text on disk. Then print all the “originals” you need, error-free and to your format, with the high-quality dot-matrix Line Printer IV (26‑1259)a at 50 characters per second. The Printer Cable (26‑1415) is included. Typing will never be the same! Approximately 310,000 Free Bytes of Disk Storage.
Model III “Business System” N/A $3,972.00 [Model III Business System]The Desktop Business Computer (26‑1063), combined with our new Line Printer VI (26‑1166) and Printer Cable (26‑1401), make a powerful combination! You can add Model I and III software for Generd Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Payroll, Inventory Control, and more. With the System Desk (26‑1305) and Universal Printer Stand (26‑1308), it forms an ideal total system for the small business office. And doing business was never so affordable! Approximately 310,000 Free Bytes of Disk Storage.

Internal Expansion Options

Item Cat. No. Initial
Product Description
16K RAM Memory Kit 26‑1102
$49.00 [RSC‑12]
Each kit you add to your Model III expands your computer’s internal memory in 16K increments up to 48K.
Model III BASIC and 16K RAM Memory Kit 26‑1121
$299.00 [RSC‑11]
$149.00 [RSC‑12]
$59.95 [RSC‑19]
Upgrades your 4K Level I to Model III BASIC. For Model III only.
Model 4 Upgrade Kit 26‑1123
Converts Model II disk computer to a Model 4 disk system (except for cabinet). Includes new keyboard, 64K RAM, TRSDOS 6 diskette with Disk BASIC.
High-Resolution Graphics 26‑1125
$369.95 [RSC‑12]
$179.95 [RSC‑14]
$99.95 [RSC‑17]
$49.95 [RSC‑19]
[Model III Video Upgrade]
Now you can turn your TRS80 Model III video display into a remarkable electronic “sketch pad” to create sophisticated business graphs, tables, charts, maps, illustrations, geometric patterns – and animation! The 153,600-pixel display allows amazingly fine detail, and the Graphics BASIC command structure is a snap for anyone. All you need to learn are a few new commands. They have incredible power in creating complex graphics quickly and easily. Includes 32K RAM memory board, user’s manual and diskette with Graphics BASIC and subroutine library. Installation required (not included).

Graphics BASIC Commands:

CIRCLE – Draws a circle, arc or ellipse.
CLS – Clears a character or display screen.
GET – Reads the bit – pattern in a block on the display screen into an array for alteration and future use.
LINE – Draws a line between points.
PAINT – Paints an area in a specified style.
POINT – Checks to see if a point is on or off.
PRESET – Turns a pixel on or off.
PUT – Puts contents (bii pattern) of an array onto the screen. Used in creating animation.
SCREEN – Screen Command/Flash mode. Useful in speeding up the display in painting and motion. Turns grapics screen on or off.
VIEW – Defines the coordinates of a specified block (called the “viewport”) on the screen.
VIEWPORT – Draws a viewport.

RS232 Board (includes cable) 26‑1148
Allows you to communicate with information networks and other computers by telephone (requires modem and software).


Item Cat. No. Initial
Product Description
CTR-80A Recorder and Cable 26‑1206
Ideal for loading and recording programs and data on cassettes. Includes cable. U.L. listed AC operation or 4 “C” batteries (not included).
CCR-81 Computer Recorder 26‑1208
Ideal for loading and recording programs and data on cassettes. Includes cable. U.L. listed AC operation or 4 “C” batteries (not included).
Disk Drive Kit 1 26‑1162
$649.00 [RSC‑11]
$499.94 [RSC‑12]
$299.95 [RSC‑19]
Includes TRSDOS, Disk BASIC, and manual.
Disk Drive Kit 2 26‑1163
$239.95 [RSC‑12]
$149.95 [RSC‑19]
Disk Drive Kit 3 (External) 26‑1164
$319.95 [RSC‑12]
Increase the disk storage of your Model III Desktop Computer. High-capacity 184K external double-density 40-track 5-1/4″ mini-disk drives. Internal Drive #1 required. 6-1/4 x 3-1/2 x 14-1/2″. U.L. listed.
Disk Drive Kit 4 (External) 26‑1161
$279.95 [RSC‑11]
Increase the disk storage of your Model III Desktop Computer. High-capacity 184K external double-density 40-track 5-1/4″ mini-disk drives. Internal Drive #1 required. 6-1/4 x 3-1/2 x 14-1/2″. U.L. listed.
5 Megabyte Hard Drive – Primary Drive 26‑1130

Our 5 megabyte Hard Disk System gives you vastly increased data storage – with exceptionally fast access and ease of use. Winchester technology can provide dramatic improvements in speed. The advanced operating system’s many superior, user-friendly features make file handling a breeze. Store over 1000 different files per disk system or create files as large as the available space. The directory is alphabetized to make locating and accessing files quick. High-level communication is available though an advanced communication package that allows direct downloading to disk. A print spooker is included too. The Job Control Language allows you to compile and later execute a predefined series of commands including screen and audio alerts, conditions, and usert interatcion to make many large-scale operations virtually automatic. BACKUP, in addition to ordinary backup functions, permits backing up only those files that have been modified, or modified in certain date ranges, or even thouse that do or do not already exist on the destination disk. When backing up from hard disk to diskettes, the system will span a large file across multiple diskettes and allow easy identification of diskettes when recreating a file on the hard disk. Other features include keyboard type-ahead for fast data entry, a versatile printer output formatting program, key redefinition, and more. Extensive user’s manual included. U.L. listed.

Primary Drive includes Hard Disk Operating System with BASIC.

5 Megabyte Hard Drive – Secondary Drive 26‑1131
Installation required (not included).
Orchestra-90 26‑1922
Create highly sophisticated electronic music and sound effects. Both musicians and non-musicians can compose in six octave ranges in up to five voices. Transcribe sheet music, too. Includes cassette software and an interface that connects your home stereo to the Model III/4 computer. Plays programmed sounds only.


Item Cat. No.    Initial
Product Description
Network III Controller 26‑1212

The Network 3 connects up to 16 TRS-80 Model III student stations to a host Model III. The Network 3 system software gives each student station access to the host computer’s disk drives and attached printer. Each student station can SAVE and LOAD programs directly to and from the host, and LLIST and LPRINT to the host printer. (Printer access requests are “spooled” at the host until the printer is free.) Files on the host diskette can be directly manipulated from student staions, allowing automatic student record keeping. System software and special Network 3 cables and adapters will be available separately. Minimum Student Station – 16K Model III with Model III BASIC and RS-232 board. Minimum Host System – Model III 32K disk system (printer optional).

Enables student workstations to access and select lessons stored on host system so teacher is freed from repeatedly loading programs. Under software control, scores can be automatically stored on the host disk for later review. An optional line printer attached to host computer lets students get printouts of their programs without teacher assistance. Designed for use with TRS-80 educational courseware that’s Network 3 compatible. Requires operating software. Minimum student station: 32K Model III/4 with RS-232C port. Minimum host station: 32K 1-Disk Model III/4 with RS-232C port. Cables available separately. U.L. Listed.

Network 3 Operating Software 26‑2775
Supports the Network 3 host and its student stations. Permits student statlons to SAVE and LOAD programs directly to and from the host disk. printer access requests are spooled at host until printer is free. Operates on Model 4 in Model III mode.
Network 3 Hard Disk Operating Software 26‑2778
Allows use of a 5-Megabyte or 15-Megabyte Hard Disk at the host computer.

Model III System Cover 26‑0506
Model III RS-232 Cable 26‑1408
Extra DOS Diskette 26‑0312
Model III System Desk 26‑1305
Contemporary styling is perfect for office use. Plenty of room for computer and printer. Unassembled. 27 x 48 x 27″.
Model III Expansion Bay 26‑1306
Attaches underneath Model III System Desk. Holds two external disk drives. Easy installation.
Keyboard Cover 26‑1342
Protect your Model III or 4 keyboard from dust and dirt when not in use.
Model III Reference Manual – BASIC 26‑2112
Provides detailed information on Model III operation, including BASIC language section. 259 pages.
Model III DOS Manual 26‑2111
Covers disk operation, TRSDOS and Disk BASIC. With programming examples. 161 Pages.
Model III Technical Reference Manual 26‑2109
Provides technical information and theory of operation on Model III hardware for use in troubleshooting and adding interfaces.


Trendex Stock Market Analysis 26‑1510
[Trendex]Provides stock market trend indicators for short, intermediate and long-term periods. Maintains intermediate trends for porfolio of your choice. Analyses data with fomulas used by professional investors. Not for counsel to buy or sell securities.
The Home Accountant 26‑1511
A comprehensive personal finance system for you and your family. Lets you define up to 99 budget categories, monitor transactions, keep track of up to five checkbooks and even print checks. Produces eight financial reports and bar graphs for any budget category with optional printer. Shows a historical trend analysis for any budget category.
Investment Portfolio Manager 26‑1514
Designed for investment counslors and individuals who trade in the securities market. The system monitors and reports on the information needed to manage stable, profitable securities portfolios. Handles up to 250 securities, 20 porfolios and 1700 transactions – and stores organized, descriptive screens of information for each. Allows rapid review and correction of information, automatically comptes totals and keeps records of income earned. Prints seven customized reports with optional printer. Features telecommunications with Dow Jones News/Retrieval. RS-232C interface and modem required for communications.
pfs:file 26‑1515
Contains all the features of the Model 4 version but datapted for the Model III (64 x 16 display).
pfs:reportt 26‑1516
Produces presentation-quality tabular report from files created with pfs:file. Sort from any data category and calculate averages, totals and more. Prints in alphabetical or numeric order. Automatic centering and justification.
VisiCalc Business Forecasting Model 26‑1521
Now you can generate financial reports based on your VISICALC spreadsheets. Produce easy-to-read income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, financial ratios, sales and cost of goods for multiple products, salary worksheets, asset and depreciation schedules. Requires VisiCalc.
Farm Accounting Package 26‑1546
Make record-keeping easier and faster! You can have double-entry accuracy wlth the ease of a single-entry function using eitner cash or accrual basis. Six preselected account lists cover most farm or ranch operations to help save you time. In addition, you control the length of an accounting period, all report headings, the sequence in which reports are printed and much more
Financial Management 26‑1547
Includes five programs. each dealing with adifferent area of money management. The Land Purchase Analysis program lets you make an in-depth cash flow study before any purchase is made. Other programs include Depreciation Scheduling, Farm Profit Analysis, Loan Cost Calculator and Interest Income Calculator
Machinery Management 26‑1548
Track vital information about your farm machinery. You can calculate the total fixed and variable costs of virtually any piece of machinery. Determine total operating costs per year, per acre and per hour, plus a breakdown of costs for depreciation, interest, taxes, insurance, housing, labor and repair.
Corn/Soybean Management 26‑1549
Contains five programs – Grain Storage Decisions, Harvest Loss Calculations, Crop Yield Calculations. Field Population Calculator and Planter Calibration Calculator. Determine combine efficiency, estlmate yields. figure planter settlngs and more.
Manufacturing Inventory Control 26‑1559
Handles up to 1900 raw materials, up to 20 finished goods per diskette. Prints bull of materials, material requirements, pull sheets, finished goods list, inventory worksheets, “where used” reports and more.
SCRIPSIT 26‑1563
Hard Disk Profile III PlusVisiCalc

All the features of the Model 4 version except screen display is 64 x 16 and memory capacity is 48K.
Real Estate Finance 26‑1579
Ideal for the agent, investor, broker, lender or appraiser. Features Complete Morgage, Equity, Present Worth and Building Developmental Analyses, as well as Rate of Return, Income and Expense Projections and more.
Project Manager 26‑1580
Graphically displays a project in different ways to allow evaluation and scheduling. View project by time, sequence, personnel, materials or resources.
Personnel Manager 26‑1581
Our Personnel Manager program helps you keep track of your most important asset – people. Think of it as a computerized file folder. You can enter data directly, or transfer information from our Time Manager program to track individual work schedules. Keep track of employee’s responsibilities, along with planned and actual start and end dates for their projects. Type in or transfer data to Personnel Manager’s “resume” level to maintain detailed professional histories and current status reports for each employee in your file. Record professional progress, special aptitudes, salary adjustments and more. And because you can search your files using up to 21 user-defined codes, it’s easy to quickly find and retrieve the information you need! It’s a powerful tool any executive can appreciate. Requires 48K 2-Disk Model III or I.
Time Manager 26‑1582
Time Manager turns your TRS-80 into a personal calendar/reminder that never forgets! Keep track of appointments, job schedules – even expense records. No programming is necessary-just type in your meeting dates, important phone calls, due dates, even notes that you used to jot down and lose! Now, every day your TRS-80 will automatically show you just what needs to be done. There’s also a “to do” list with items that follow you from day to day until they’re finished. You can look ahead at what’s coming up (summarized by priority) or scan a whole year’s schedule by category or keyword, such as specific customers, accounts or trips. You can even recall all business expenses at tax time! Maintain up to nine accounts and get separate totals for any period during the year. Requires 48K 2-Disk Model III or I.
Check Writer-80 26‑1584
Gives you a check writer and register, plus an expense tracking and bank reconciliation system that’s ideal for small business bookkeeping. It’s as easy to use as filling out a check or deposit slip, yet you get all the speed and accuracy of the computer. Handles multiple banks and up to 9 bank accounts, 75 payees, 31 expense categories, and about 2700 active checks. Even enter hand-written checks. Prints check registers, expense summaries, description lists of banks, and payees. Requires printer. (48K 2-Disk-Model III only).
Business Checkwriter 26‑1585
Ideal for small business! You get a check writer, a detailed check stub for paying multiple invoices, and a bank reconciliation system. Handles multiple accounts individually. 100 payees, 100 expense categories and 375 total checks and deposits per period. Records handwritten checks and multiple daily deposits. Maintains current bank total. Check stub details discounts and expenses. Prints checks, detailed stubs, check register, expense and payee-to-date summaries, payee lists and expense list. Requires printer.
VideoTex 26‑1588
Requires telephone modem. Includes one free hour on CompuServe and Dow Jones.
Micro/Courier 26‑1589
Send and receive electronic mail quickly, inexpensively and reliably! Micro/Courier lets you send any TRSDOS file you can store and access with your computer to an other personal computer with the same communications protocol. Or access information services like Dow Jones News/Retrieval or CompuServe. Includes “un-attended” mode that allows automatic dialing after business hours for reduced rate. Requires Modem II and RS-232C interface.
SuperSCRIPSIT 26‑1590
Includes all of the features of Model 4 SuperSCRIPSIT but in a 64 x 16 display format and no reverse video.
SCRIPSIT Spelling Dictionary 26‑1591
$149.00 [RSC‑11]
For text material prepared with SCRIPSIT, SuperSCRIPSIT or ASCII files.
Profile III Plus 26‑1592
Stores up to 700 records of 255 characters in length on a 2-disk data base, 2100 with 4 disks. Create 99 fileds per record.
Hard Disk Profile III Plus 26‑1593
Designed for hard disk users. Increase the number of records in your system and offers extra sorting features.
Business Analysis with Desktop/Plan-80 26‑1594
Analyze probable results 0f business decisions. This sophisticated financial planning program guides you from model development to printing high-quality reports. Consolidates sub-models into one summary model, transfers several budgets to a summary budget, reads VisiCalc files to produce reports and more. Plots points for line charts and automatically formats printed reports (with optional printer).
Business Graphics Analysis Program 26‑1597
For corporate planners, analysts, and managers. Select pie, bar, line or scatter charts, supply the data and the program quickly displays your graph on the screen. Allows editing of titles and labels before printing. Enter data from keyboard or disk files using VisiCalc.
Business Management
AgDisk VisiCalc Template
AgDisk makes the popular VisiCalc “electronic worksheet” program easy to use for agricultural applications. AgDisk templates automatically load your headings and formulas into VisiCalc. You just input the data requested – and when you change an entry, you instantly see the results.
This package includes templates for depreciation, land purchase, business analysis, credit line, installment loan, investment pavback and net present value
Cow-Calf Herd Management
AgDisk VisiCalc Template
Includes templates for beef cow-claf, cattle weaning, yearling weight, bull test records, gestation calendar, metabolizable protein and urea fermentation potential, and ration formula
Crop Management
AgDisk VisiCalc Template
Includes templates for grain marketing, grain yield, corn yield, gross margin, hybrid selection, growing days, field calculations, lime recommendation, pivot application, fertilizer needs and cost
Feedlot Cattle Management
AgDisk VisiCalc Template
Templates for cattle feeder, higher grade, steer marketing, carcass evaluation, cattle net energy, metabolizable protein and urea fermentation potential, protein supplement and ratio formulation.
Money Decisions 26‑1621
Each program puts the most frequently used business and financial problem-solvers at your fingertips! Takes your information from prompts and performs sophisticated calculations. Lets you create a set of problem-solving assumptions and then calculates “before and after” effects of multiple alternatives. Each can be used alone or in conjunction with the other Money Decisions programs. Produce formatted reports with optional printer. Each comes with extensive tutorial manual.
Introduction to the Alphabet 26‑1718
Skill-building drill to help children ages 4 to 6 become familiar with the capital and small letters of the alphabet and their locations on the TRS-80 computer keyboard.
Hall of the Mountain King 26‑1921
Classroom version of the Model III/4 action game by graphics wizard Leo Christopherson. Player battles trolls and finds the way through a maze in an underground kingdom where a princess is held prisoner. Students key in answers to any multiple-choice quiz as they play the game.
Zork I Adventure Game 26‑1951
One of the Most Popular Adventure Games Ever Offered. You must stay alive and find the hidden treasures of this challenging, complex adventure game.
Monty Plays Monopoly 26‑1952
A tough, entertaining competitor! Computer-generated dice. Board game and 32K 1-Disk Model III required.
Monty Plays Scrabble 26‑1954
Challenging word fun! Features 54,000 word vocabulary, dlfferent skill levels and automatic score keeping. Add a mini-amplifier for sound effects. Requires board game.
Mastering the ECAT 26‑1970
Get ready for the College Board Achievement Test in English composition with this helpful program. Designed specifically to prepare high school students for entrance into selected colleges and to help them qualify for advanced placement in college English courses. The five-disk program contains more than 1000 English problems presented in random groups of 16, so study remains interesting and challenging. Includes practice in rewriting sentences, phrasing, identification of grammatical errors and pointers on sentence structure. Supportive responses follow every answer to encourage further study. Provides an approximate score and error analysis to indicate areas for further study.
Success with Math I: Addition/Subtraction 26‑1971
Introduce your children to the basics of mathematics with programs available for students in grades 1-12. Each program allows students to learn at their own pace. Programs take students through mathematlcal operations one step at a time, with encouraging responses from the computer after every answer. Varying levels of difficulty let children start where they feel comfortable, then progress into more complex operations.

Start students in grades 1-4 with basic computation practice. Concepts of “carrying” and “borrowing”. Choose the level of difficulty, up to problems with nine rows and nine columns.

Success with Math II: Multiplication and Division 26‑1972
For grade levels 2-8 or for older children needing to review multiplication or division skills. Students choose a one, two or three-digit number to multiply by a three-digit multiplicand. Choose one to three-digit numbers for division problems.
Success with Math III: Linear Equations 26‑1973
For students in grades 7-11. Practice solving randomly generated problems in the form AX + B = C. Requires basic arithmetic operations on both sides of the equation.
Success with Math IV: Quadratic Equations 26‑1974
For grades 9-12. Generates quadratic equations at two levels of difficulty. Divides the screen into three areas: original equation, work area and message/instruction area. Inlcudes extensive practice in factoring.
Mastering the SAT 26‑1975
A comprehensive program to help high school students prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Provides practice in all skill areas tested on the SAT-Math: arithmetic, algebra. geometry, use of reference tables, graphs and reasoning: Verbal: analogies. antonyms, sentence completion, reading comprehension and vocabulary: and Standard Written English. Students are first tested to identify areas for further study. Self-paced study with the computer provides additional instruction and hints for test-taking. A final test, similar to the SAT, analyzes the student’s progress. Includes a 96-page workbook with additional practice exams.
Editor/Assembler, Series I 26‑2013
Allows advanced programmers to program in Z-80 assembly language. Includes editor/assembler, sample programs and extensive 255-page manual – including detailed descriptions of the Z-80 mneumonics.
Assembly Language Tutor 26‑2018
A self-paced teaching program introducing assembly language programming. Learn to execute Z-80 machine-language instructions that are much faster than BASIC. Includes a complete text, plus hands-on software training.
BFBLIB BASIC Routines Diskette 26‑2021
Supercharge your programs with these 121 subroutines, functions and utilities described in BASIC Faster and Better & Other Mysteries. Modify routines or use “as is”.
PowerTool 26‑2022
A flexible, powerful utility package. PowerTool contains utility routines that allow you to directly examine and modify diskettes written in any version of TRSDOS and LDOS, restore many unreadable diskettes to a readable condition, and format or backup all or part of a diskette. Contains its own operating system.
Dean Vaughn Memory Course 26‑2024
Learn to develop your memory through the process of association. This two-disk course shows you how to find audionyms – words with similar sounding syllables – to remember key words or groups of words, how to use association and how to test for a job.
Fortran 26‑2200
COBOL 26‑2203
Compiler BASIC 26‑2204
Single-key ISAM, DEBUG and cross reference. (Intended for program development and not for conversion of existing software. Not compatible with Level II or Model III BASIC programs).
BASCOM 26‑2210
Alcor Pascal for Model I/III 26‑2211
LDOS 5.1 Operating System 26‑2214
LDOS is an advanced operating system developed for the TRS-80 Model III (or Model 4 in the Model III mode) by Logical Systems. It offers the TRS-80 user manu features and enhancements that are not included in TRSDOS. First of all, it adds data transportability – you can read LDOS diskettes on a TRS-80 Model I, or on a Model III or 4. Other important features include a Job Control Language to control an unattended computer, a terminal utility, keyboard type-ahead, printer spooling to memory and/or disk, a printer output formatting program, and device independence – linking, routing and filtering. Supports 5-1/4″ and 8″ floppy disk drives in single or double-density and in single or double-sided configurations (requires appropriate hardware). Included in the LDOS package is an extensive operating manual with examples of functions, a glossary and handy cross-reference index. Most Radio Shack software is supported under LDOS (documented with purchase).
AgriData 26‑2227
Access the latest agricultural marketing, finance, news, weather, general business and production information from the Agridata Network (formerly the AgriStar service). All you need is a Model 4 or Model III and a telephone interface. Includes a user’s manual with quarterly updates, a reference flip chart, a subscription to Farm Futures magazine, a newsletter and a toll-free 24-hour support service from AgriData Resources.
High Motivation Reading Series: Charles Lindbergh/Amelia Earhart 26‑2513
Each program in the series comes with four student readers and an audio cassette. Computer programs measure reading comprehension. For grades 4-6. Programs require 32K with one drive and TRS-80 MicroPILOT.
High Motivation Reading Series: Hound of the Baskervilles 26‑2514
High Motivation Reading Series: Dracula 26‑2515
High Motivation Reading Series: Moby Dick 26‑2516
High Motivation Reading Series: Beatles 26‑2517
High Motivation Reading Series: 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea 26‑2518
High Motivation Reading Series: Time Machine 26‑2519
High Motivation Reading Series: Frankenstein 26‑2520
High Motivation Reading Series: Student Recording System 26‑2521
Numeric Data Entry Practice 26‑2601
25-lesson practice course to help students develop speed and accuracy in entry of numeric data using a 10-key pad. Printer optional.
Computer Assisted Reading Development: Volume I – Sentences 26‑2603
Adapted from the Philadelphia Computer Assisted Reading Development Program for supplemental reading instruction at the 4th-8th grade level. Requires AUTHOR I Lesson Presentation Package or TRS-80 AUTHOR I. Compatible with Network 3 using the Network 3 Lesson Presentation Package.
Covers sentence recognition, relationships, ordering and labeling
Computer Assisted Reading Development: Volume II – Paragraphs 26‑2604
Students define sentence relationships within a paragraph.
Computer Assisted Reading Development: Volume III – Directions 26‑2605
Focuses on details and order to help improve ability to read and follow directions.
Corplan 26‑2619
Management-decision simulation game designed to supplement business instruction at the college or advanced secondary level. Allows an individual student or a team to make the quarterly production, sales and financial decisions that will make or break an imaginary company. Combining role-playing and team-work, Corplan can aid teachers in expanding the basic rules of running a business and the value of long-range planning. Produce charts and screen reports with optional printer. Minimum of 48K required in all stations when used in Network 3 environment.
Computer Discovery: Junior High 26‑2630
Introduces students to computers and discusses their history and impact on society. Also presents basic computer programining concepts. Each package includes interactive exercises, 25 student handbooks and instructor’s manual.
Computer Discovery Junior High: Additional Workbook 26‑2631
Computer Discovery: Senior High 26‑2632
Introduces students to computers and discusses their history and impact on society. Also presents basic computer programining concepts. Each package includes interactive exercises, 25 student handbooks and instructor’s manual.
Computer Discovery Senior High: Additional Workbook 26‑2636
High Motivation History Series 26‑2645
Inludes 12 illustrated books on American history from 1500 to the 1980’s. Includes read-along audio tapes and computer activities diskettes. Requires TRS-80 AUTHOR I Lesson Presentation Package or TRS-80 AUTHOR I. Compatible with Network 3 using the Network 3 Lesson Presentation Package.
Business Education: Computer Applications in Small Business 26‑2654
Designed as a complete program to supplement business accounting curriculum, the package includes visual materials, student workbooks and four businessp programs: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Disk Payroll. The course is based on a field-tested, structured teaching model and is divided into four parts for each topic. The instruction manual and student workbooks parallel each other in content, form and wording. Includes transparencies with teaching guides for their use. Requires 48K Model III or 64K Model 4 with 2 disk drives. Printer required.
High Motivation History Series: Next Four Years: Electing the Presldent 26‑2664
A study of the American election process. Includes a cassette-based election simulation. With teacher’s manual, activity masters and wall chart.
Intro to Pascal 26‑2674
This complete, structured teaching package comes with a teacher’s manual, overhead transparencies and 25 student workbooks. Provides an introduction to structured programming, editing and compiling a Pascal program, simple Pascal data types, variables, more.
TRS-80 Network 3 Lesson Presentation Package. 26‑2713
Allows you to use Network 3 to present lessons created with TRS-80 AUTHOR I. Create a lesson score file for storing performance data on diskette. Prints scores and timings with optional printer. Requires host with two disk drives and Network 3 Operating System.
TRS-80 MicroPILOT 26‑2718
A Create your own TRS-80 courseware or adapt it from any curriculum suitable for computer assisted instruction. TRS-80 MicroPILOT is command-oriented. It’s based on the PILOT computer language, but offers extended graphics and disk file-handling capabilities. Features one-letter commands, upper and lower case characters and branching. Includes user’s manual with a reference section and a sample lesson.
REKORD Planner: Administrator 26‑2725
Record-keeping system you can personalize to fit your own data management needs. File student data, print out student and school information and generate reports. This versatile. timesaving system makes information instantly avilable about any student in the file. Includes a program and tutorial diskette, plus sample formats. Available in three versions to suit your schools’s special requirements.
REKORD Planner: Counselor 26‑2726
Record-keeping system you can personalize to fit your own data management needs. File student data, print out student and school information and generate reports. This versatile. timesaving system makes information instantly avilable about any student in the file. Includes a program and tutorial diskette, plus sample formats. Available in three versions to suit your schools’s special requirements.
REKORD Planner: Special Programs 26‑2727
Record-keeping system you can personalize to fit your own data management needs. File student data, print out student and school information and generate reports. This versatile. timesaving system makes information instantly avilable about any student in the file. Includes a program and tutorial diskette, plus sample formats. Available in three versions to suit your schools’s special requirements.
Network Pascal 26‑2739
A new version of TRS-80 Pascal designed specifically for use with Model III/4 and Network 3 in a classroom environment. New, enhanced features include a combined editor/compiler program that minimizes host disk access time. Pascal programs can be created at each network student station. TRS-80 Pascal diskettes for stand-alone Model III/4 machines are also included for use with stand-alone disk machines. Includes 16 Student Manuals.
Network Pascal: Additional Student Manual 26‑2740
Basic Arithmetic 26‑2790
Contains four programs that provide practice in arithmetic skills. For grades 2-6.
Word Games 26‑2791
Students learn to work with words using visual recall, logical guessing, and word association. For grades 1-6.
Expeditions 26‑2792
Students test decisions and consider the hardships of different groups of Americans durlng three historic periods. For grades 5-9.
Puzzles and Posters 26‑2793
Design posters and puzzles or create your own tests and drills.