Product Specifications (RSC-14)

Introductory Price
Catalog Number:
8-Bit 80C85 CMOS
Clock Speed:
2.4 MHz
72K ROM, expandable to 104K; 24K RAM expandable to 72K
Full-size 56-key typewriter style with embedded data pad, plus 8 programmable function keys, 4 command keys and 4 cursor control keys.
16 x 40 Liquid Crystal Display, upper and lower case ASCII Characters, 240 x 128 dot-matrix graphics.
Built-in 300-baud direct-connect modem, with auto-dialer. FCC-registered. Originate and answer modes.
Input / Output:
Parallel printer interface. RS-232C serial communications interface programmable up to 19,200 baud. Cassette tape interface loads at 1500 baud. Standard bar-code reader interface.
2-3/16 x 11-3/4 x 8-1/2″
4.5 Lbs
Power Supply:
Operations – Up to 16 hours on 4 “AA” alkaline batteries, and can use nickel-cadfmium rechargeable batteries with minor additional-cost modification. Optional U.L. listed AC/DC charger adapter available. Memory – Internal rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries will maintain memory for up to 15 days with power off (depending on the amount of RAM installed).

Product Description


We’ve advanced the state of the art with a full l6-line display, toned-dialing and second-generation portable software! Just look at everything the Tandy 200 has to offer! Six “instant on” programs include an improved version of the Model 100’s word processing program, plus Multiplan. Create your own spreadsheets and format reports with this easy-to-use decision support program. Use the Tandy 200 as an electronic appointment calendar, address/phone directory and telephone auto-dialer, too. It even generates tone dialing signals, so you can use the Tandy 200 with long-distance services. The Tandy 200 is programmable in BASIC and its standard 24K memory expands up to 72K by installing two 24K RAM Upgrades. Features a 40-character by 16-line flip-up screen, full-sized typewriter keyboard, and parallel, RS-232C, cassette and bar code reader interfaces.


Our Tandy 200 portable computer does what no other computer could – it takes our amazing Model 100 one step further. The Tandy 200 represents a true second generation in portable com, with built-in software, improved features, a bigger screen a larger memory. All designed to make the Tandy 200 a more potent portable problem-solver.

For complex spreadsheet analysis and calculations, we put popular Multiplan software into the Tandy 200’s permanent memory. Just turn on your portable Tandy 200, press a button and you’ve got a powerful decision-support tool at your fingertips. Do sales forecasts, profit-and-loss projections, budgeting, pricing, engineering calculations and more.

An improved version of the Model 100’s easy-to-use word processing program makes Tandy 200 especially useful for journalists, salespeople, engineers, students and anyone who needs to write letter-perfect memos, reports and correspondence in a hurry. Edit, delete and move blocks of text with just the touch of a function key. The Tandy 200 gives you the convenience of a personal word processor for use anytime, anywhere.

Four other “instant-on” programs let you use the Tandy 200 as your telephone auto-dialer (the Tandy 200 generates tone-diaing pulses, so you can use it with long-distance services). A much more powerful built-in program for communications makes it easy to access other computers by phone. You can even create your own programs in BASIC, too

The Tandy 200’s high-contrast flip-up liquid crystal display has 240 x 128 resolution for big, clear graphics and easy-to-read characters. The 16-line by 40-character display makes the Tandy 200 particularly well-suited to word processing and spreadsheet duties, and with simple BASIC commands, you can add dot-addressable graphics to your text.

To take advantage of the Tandy 200’s powerful new capabilities, we increased the standard memory size to more than 24,000 characters. Additional optional 24K expansion modules let you increase the memory up to 72K.

Best of all, the Tandy 200 has parallel printer, RS232C, cassette and bar code reader interfaces for added versatility. You can even add disk storage and a monitor for a complete desktop system.


High-contrast flip-up LCD has 240 X 128 resolution for big, clear graphics, or 40-character by 16-line text. Use Multiplan spreadsheet analysis for sales forecasts, profit-andloss projections, and more. Built-in word processing for memos, reports and correspondence. Three other “instanton” programs are a personal appointment calendar, address and phone directory, and telephone auto-dialer. Programs in BASIC. Includes parallel printer, RS-232C, cassette and bar code reader interfaces. Requires four “AA” batteries.



Cat. No.
Initial Price
24K RAM Upgrade

Model 200
$199.95 [RSC-19]

Add up to two memory modules for a total of 72K. Requires installation (not included).

Tandy 200/Model 100 Portable Disk Drive

Get fast access to 100K of data on 3-1/2″ floppies. Features menu-driven operation, list of files on disk, plus FORMAT, SAVE, LOAD, KILL and RENAME functions. Transfers data at 19,200 baud. Battery warning lamp. disk access lamp. When the batteries are low, and the unit is in process of saving, loading or backing up, it will finish its job befwe shutting down. Unit will not function if batteries are low, but will finish the job. Initialization software included. Weighs 1-3/4 lbs. 2 x 4-15/16 x 6-1/8″. Requires four “AA” batteries or AC Adapter (not included).

Cassette Software

Cat. No.
Initial Price
Text Power 200

Turns your Tandy 200 into a true word processor – much more powerful than the built-in word processing program. Includes advanced formatting capabilities.

Time Minder

Display your scheduled appointments or a calendar for any month of any year.

Data Manager

Lets you store, examine, update and list a variety of information – from personal records to appointment schedules.

Project Scheduler

Divide a large job into individual tasks.

Bar Code Writer

Takes input from Model 200 TEXT files and produces bar codes in six forms. Requires 24K, cassette recorder, printer, and cables.

Bar Code Driver

Allows bar code want to read Interleaved Two of Five, Codabar and UPC-E bar codes. Requires 16K, cassette recorder and bar code wand.

Tandy Code Read/Write

Generates and reads modified NATI code. Requires 24K, cassette recorder, printer, cable and bar code wand.

ROM Software

Cat. No.
Initial Price

Plugs into ROM socket. Includes three applications: a Word Processor, a Time Minder and Data Manager. Requires 24K.


Cat. No.
Initial Price
Tandy 200 Portable Computer

by Dr. David Lien

Tandy 200 Technical Reference Manual