THERE ARE DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS PAGE… but the only files available for download are those where the copyright owner has given express permission to do so. These include files by Vernon Hester (author of MultiDOS), the games of Wayne Westmoreland & Terry Gillam, games by Big 5 Software, Scott Adams’ wonderful adventures, Jon Bokelman’s ORCH-80/85/90, David Welsh’s Lazywriter, and others. If you are an author and wish to give permission, please get in contact with me.

Since the current copyright code provides copyright protection for a length of time which will far exceed the life of the TRS-80 magnetic media, I continue to archive, in hopes that some day the copyright code is revamped. Until then, and other than programs where I have permission, this page contains information only.

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This page is the main search page for TRS-80 Model I, III, and 4 software. It also includes MAX-80, GENIE III, LNW-80, SYSTEM-80, and Model 4 CP/M, although those systems are incidental and are not really part of the archive. Please choose your search criteria from the boxes below. Once you submit the query, a results page containing download links to each search result, along with basic information about the file, and clickable icons representing whether there is a screenshot, advertisement or software manual.

I have spent many hours cleaning up the database, trying to correct spelling mistakes in author’s names, etc. If you run a search, and find results such as “I Goldklang” “Ira Goldkling” and “Ira Goldklang”, please let me know, so that I can fix them all.

If you search for TRS in all caps as the Author entry, you will get everything that has EITHER Radio Shack OR Tandy as the author.


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