Running DOS Based TRS-80 Emulators in LINUX – By Larry Kraemer
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  • How-To Guide: Running David Keil’s DOS under Linux.

    Step By Step Instructions on How to Use a Downloaded File (XTRS)
    01.  Click here to download xtrs. Install it on your machine.
    02. Download the file you want from the internet to your home directory. Let’s assume it’s called filename.cmd.
    03. Click here to download a Model I boot disk. Save it in your home directory.
    04. Go to a shell and type cd to go to your home directory.
    05. unzip -L
    06. ln -s ldos1.dsk disk1-0
    07. Find the file utility.dsk that came with xtrs. If you aren’t sure where it is, type locate utility.dsk to find it. Make a symbolic link from that file to disk1-1. That is, if the full name of the file is /usr/share/xtrs/utility.dsk, type ln -s /usr/share/xtrs/utility.dsk disk1-1.
    08. mkdisk dskimage.dsk
    09. ln -s dskimage.dsk disk1-2
    10. Start the emulator: xtrs -model 1 -diskdir .
    11. LDOS will boot. Type the next commands inside the emulator.
    12. Enter a valid time and press [ENTER].
    13. SET *KI KI
    14. format :2
    The next steps depend on whether you want to run a BASIC or a CMD file …
    .. For a CMD File called filename/cmd
    15. import filename.cmd filename/cmd:2
    16. filename:2
    .. For a BASIC File called filename/bas
    15. import filename.bas filename/bas:2
    16. basic
    17. run”filename/bas:2″

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