September 5, 2012 – TODMK Utility Updated

September 5, 2012 – TODMK Utility Updated

Aaron Brockbank has updated his “TODMK” utility to v1.03.20. Changes are:

  • Fixed DMK import and Export
  • Fixed TD0 import
  • Changed DMK export to write a copy of DMK file
  • Exports CRC and BadID sectors as read, doesn’t attempt to ‘fix’ nor ‘repair’ them
  • Added D88 Format Compatibility

    While all these features are great, what Aaron has in store for this utility is mind blowing.

    The file can be downloaded from the Virtual Disk Utilities Page.

    Thank you, Aaron!


    1. Ahhhh .(goes misty eyed) reminds me of my first coumpter my VIC 20.Who needs more than 3k to be happy ? Not me that’s for sure.Looks like a cool little board. Thanks for the review.

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