February 6, 2009 – Site Updates and Updated Emulators

As I continue to explore WordPress, I am toying with the idea of moving more of the site over. In connection with this transition, I have been reworking the emulator page to clean up HTML errors and make it more WordPress friendly.

In doing so, I also verified the links and have realized that a number of emulators have been updated. These include:

  • HT 1080/Z v1.6, updated on Sep. 17, 2007
  • VCC v1.40 Installer, updated on Jan. 3, 2008
  • MC-10 Emulator v0.73c, updated on May, 2008
  • Multi Emulator Super System (Binary) v1.29 updated on Jan. 6, 2008
  • Virtual T v1.3 updated on Sep. 25, 2008

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