August 2, 2010 – New Downloads thanks to Vernon B Hester

August 2, 2010 – New Downloads thanks to Vernon B Hester

Vernon B. Hester, author of MultiDOS and other wonderful programs, has made his software and manuals available:

Astrocal Manual (5th Edition) – DOC Format
Astrocal Manual (5th Edition) – PDF Format
MultiDOS Manual – DOC Format
MultiDOS Manual – PDF Format
Zeus (9th Edition) – DOC Format
Zeus (9th Edition) – PDF Format

When my host fixes my SQL upload, and I can get into the TRS-80 Archive Lookup, I will post the corresponding software packages here for download.

Also as previously noted, Vernon has a blown Model 4 power supply, which is preventing him from providing updated software. Any help is appreciated.


  1. Glad to see Astrocal is still circulating.

    I’m just learning how to use it with a M4 version I bought ten years ago.

    But i’d like to have the MIII version too to run on my active MIIIs.

    Ivan Kennedy

  2. Dear Ira,

    Is it true that you will post the software for download? I would like a version of Astrocal for MIII and MI to go with my M4 version.

    It’s a wonderful program that I am using for plotting gravitational orbits. Its ease of use and precision of 119 signiifcant digits are still unique!

    Has the Power Supply problem been solved for Vernon? I have about 5 I intend to renovate, but that’s a project for after my retirement (i.e. salary) in 12 months time.

    Best regards,

    Ivan Kennedy

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