October 16, 2012 – Another Author OK’s Download – NAME THAT SONG

October 16, 2012 – Another Author OK’s Download – NAME THAT SONG


    Arnold Gross has let me know that he and Rik Pierce hold the copyright to NAME THAT SONG (a musical quiz game) and that they are permitting it to be available for posting for everyone to enjoy.
    Since TRS-80 disks are very unlikely to hold data for the (approximately) 110 years of copyright; if anyone else is holding a copyright in TRS-80 software that they are willing to allow people to download, please contact me.

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  1. Game runs ok on TRS32 emulator.
    Unfortunately, theere were supposed to be (4) song files:
    The only song file included on the disk is DUMMY/NT.
    It does include the SONGMKR/NTS file, so I suppose you can just make all your own song files!!

  2. Update to previous message. I did a Software search on the TRS-80 site for “Name That Song” and found “nmthsnad.zip”, which includes the original basic files. All the song files missing from the DMK zip file are in this file. I just copied all these bsic files to a minimal ND80-M1 boot disk and ran the program from “STARTGAM/CMD”. Works great, and all the song libraries are listed in the opening game dialog.

    The DMK disk version appears to be a modified version of the original game, as the extentions have been changed from /NTS to /NT. I tried just adding the missing song files to this DMK disk, but all it sees is the Dummy/NT file.

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