January 11, 2012 – Ask Don French Your Questions

I have received very few questions to pass on to Don French. No one has questions for the inventor of the TRS-80?!?!??!


  1. I am currently attempting to write a few paragraphs on the TRS-80
    for some display boards that I am making to tell a quick short story about each of the computer in my collection.
    I would like to know what Don French’s contribution was to the design of the TRS-80?
    What little I have read, states that Don was originally a Buyer for Radio Shack. Although obviously a computer enthusiast.

  2. One more quick question. Did you ever meet Frederico Faggin?
    If so, what was your impression and how did you feel about meeting him?

  3. I would also like to know what happened to Steve Leininger, What else was he involved in?
    And what other projects were you involved in after the TRS-80?

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