New Downloadable Software

Joe Scoleri III has provided some more of his software for download.

  • “Wunder” is the finalized version of a program Joe started writing circa 1983. It is an ‘edutainment’ title that I was working on at the same time as my German Dungeon program that is already in the database. This time the language quiz is combined with a more action-oriented game.
  • “Dr. Strange & the Electrified Robot Tao” is a game that Joe programmed this year, based on the core game concepts and game program code from Wunder. The language quiz aspect has been stripped out and I expanded the gameplay a bit.

Both ZIP files contain an explanatory text document.

To download Joe’s files, click here.

March 2022 Issue of TRS8Bit Released

Dusty has released the March 2022 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter. Here’s what he had to say:

Hi everyone, welcome to the start of our 16th year of TRS8BIT !

In this issue – Jurgen Bussert Bootstrap – create a boot-disk from cassette. George Phillips Character ‘Toggle-Boggle’, M3 and missing characters? Lawrence Kesteloot TRSTOOL Upgraded to v2.3.1. E.T. Fonehume ‘Do the shuffle.’ BASIC at its best. with a prezzie intended just for the editor! Harold Finch Stretches your mind. Another puzzle to get you thinking. Shawn Sijnstra The quest for more adventure. The next ‘level’ for adventurers. Assembler Bytes Back. Is this a pointer for the competition? Ian Mavric. In Mav’s Workshop. M3 & M4 power supplies explained. The way we were. More interesting snippets from the day. Peter Howard TRS-80 cassette wave-forms. A fascinating introduction. U.K. Ebay bargains. were you one of the lucky ones? A welcome back to Kevin Parker and his ‘Big Tandys’ And finally, there’s details of this years ‘Beauty & the Beast’ competition.

A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has contributed articles

See you all in June – take care & stay safe

You can view the table of contents here and the issue can be downloaded from Dusty’s web site.

February 15, 2021 – DMKCHK Utility Updated to v0.0.6

Quentin Barnes has updated his DMKCHK utility to v0.0.6. DMKCHK will parse a DMK and advise as to which specific sectors which are bad, if any. DMKBSC runs under LINUX, Rasperry Pi, Windows x32, Windows x64, and under MSDOS.

The new version addresses an issue that if the underlying library, dmklib, catches an error, it stops processing the track, resulting in unreported sectors.

A Tarball with binaries and with the source of v0.0.6 can be downloaded GITHUB (in tar.gz format), or you can download a combined executable and source ZIP file from the DSK and DMK Image Utilities page on this site.

Hexagon Software OK’d for Download

Bernard J Hughes, author of all the Hexagon Systems software reached out to give me permission to make his software downloadable!

To see the archive for Hexagon Systems, click here. As always, any manuals which are associated with downloadable software are also downloadable, and those can be accessed by clicking the little book icon on the side of each entry (if there is one available, that is).

Thank you, Bernard!

January 17, 2022 – Newly Designed Power Supplies for 2022

(Click to Enlarge)

Jay Newirth has updated his power supply models for 2022.

New for 2022
DIRECT replacement POWER SUPPLIES using modern MEAN WELL power supply components are now available for the following TRS-80 models
  • Model 3
  • Model 4 NGA, 4 GA, 4D
  • Model 4P
No more blown RIFA’S or cold solder joints
No more video “spasms” when disk drive motors are activated
No more cold solder joints to cause potential problems
+12v supply for VIDEO are ISOLATED on alll models to completely eliminate video “spasms”

Model 3 unit has an ADDITIONAL +5v OUTPUT CONNECTOR and the Model 4 unit has (2) ADDITIONAL +5v OUTPUT CONNECTORS – perfect for powering Gotek/freHD/etc devices

All units are same size and design as the original (except for the 4P) and all units are SIMPLE DIRECT REPLACMENTS. Use the same original power cables that came in your machine

For pricing, photos or more information contact Jay Newirth (newSOFT) either at or