December 13, 2017 – TRS-80 Model I Free for Local Pickup

Update: Claimed

A site visitor in the Alexandria, Virginia area is offering a Model I system free for local pickup.

Details (From the donator): Model I, Level II, 16K. I purchased in in 1980 at the Springfield Mall in PA. It was working when I boxed it up in 1985 and stored it in a bedroom. Now there is a problem. I’m able to enter and run a simple program, but the characters displayed on the screen aren’t as expected. I suspect the monitor is fine, and maybe a contact in the computer is corroded. I’m including the computer, monitor, power supply, cassette recorder, original box, two Level II Basic Reference Manuals and some cassettes.

Note (From Ira): My hardware expert, Ian Mavric, believes from the pictures that it is more than likely that the cause of the problem is that one of the video RAM chips has failed.

     •  Model I

     •  Model I, Level II, 16K Computer

     •  Monitor

     •  Power Supply

     •  Cassette recorder

     •  Original box

     •  Two Level II Basic Reference Manuals

     •  Some cassettes

As always, to keep away those would say “hey, would you ship” (when the above states local pickup only), please contact me at if you can do a local pickup and I will relay in the order received.

December 5, 2017 – TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast #19

TRS-80 Trash Talk, a monthly podcast, has released Episode 19. The description is: In this episode Pete C. and Mav discuss the TRS-80 and it’s role in agriculture while discussing some recent acquisitions. Pete C. relates a tale about an interesting Tandy rescue trip to Newark, NJ. Then, we play a little TRS-80 generated music. Finally, in our continuing series of interviews with Tandy Radio Shack engineers, we talk to Paul Schreiber about his experiences working as a Tandy engineer.

The TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast can be found at