TRS-80 Trash Talk #38 is Out

Episode # 38 of the podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk is out now.

“In this episode we’re joined by guest host Patrick Bureau from Texas Tandy Restorations. Patrick leads us through the controversial topic of whether or not to repaint your TRS-80. We also discuss lots of TRS-80 news and several interesting acquisitions, including a TRS-80 voice control device known as the Scott Instruments VET-2. Finally, in our interview segment, Pete interviews the well known TRS-80 hacker Tim Mann.”

You can download or listen at

Please Check Your ROMs

We are trying to track down different versions of the Model III and Model 4 ROM’s. If you are willing, can everyone please run MEMTEST (which is found on every Model III TRSDOS disk) and see if your “ROM C” matches any of these checksums:

  • Model III – Any of the following:
    • 158C (Likely only in the UK)
    • 1591
    • 2764
    • 676A
    • 276A
  • Model 4 – Any of the following:
    • 48AA (Likely only in the UK)
    • 33CB
    • 38BC

If you have any of these, please Contact Me.

80 Space Raiders OK’d for Download

Robert Bosen who wrote 80 Space Raiders has given permission to make the software and manual downloadable to all. You can find all the links on the TRS-80 Search Page by searching the author box for bosen, and don’t forget to click the manual icon to download the manual.

The passwords are in a TXT file in the CMD archive

Robert has never stopped writing flight simulators, his most recent being Linux Air Combat, an open source combat flight simulator for Linux.

Thank you, Robert!


Just a reminder that if you have TRS-80 disks sitting around, please consider sending them over for reading. The data isn’t going to last forever, and the disks can be returned to you if you wish!