Site Updates Since the Last

  1. I got 2 shipments of CLOAD tapes, one of which was completely and totally blank. 20 tapes, all blank. I converted the other set, and scanned the media for both. These are all online and available for download.
  2. In doing this I realized that the tutorial I have for reading tapes used Goldwave, which still exists, but costs. I updated the page to contain step by step instructions using the free program Audacity.
  3. I also realized that some permitted files were not present and some screen shots, media scans, etc. were missing, so I modified the ever increasingly hard to maintain program I use which generates the SQL based on various file comments other input files to audit for missing things. Hopefully this will keep the missing files and graphics low.

Symphony 90 Manuals

  • Title:Symphony 90 Music Composer System
    Year: 1991
    Company/Author:David Goben
    Size: 23MB
    Filename: Symphony 90 Music Composer System (1991)(David Goben)

  • Title: Symphony 90 Player
    Year: 1991
    Company/Author:David Goben
    Size: 1.99MB
    Filename: Symphony 90 Player (1991)(David Goben)

Ian has provided 2 missing manuals. Should be very helpful to those out there with the Symphony-90 Add-On. Thank you Ian!

SDLTRS Updated to v1.2.11

Jens Guenther has updated his forked SDLTRS to v1.2.11.

Per Jens, this version runs on BSD, Haiku, Linux, MacOS(X), Solaris and Windows (95 to current).

  • Added CPU clock speed selection.
  • Added R register to state file.
  • Fixed issue #2 “Spurious return characters” (reported by David Barr).
  • Internal improvements.

You can download a ZIP file with the full source and all executables here.

Site Updates Since the Last

I have put all of the site’s news under the Old News page, going back to when the news was first started in 1997! It goes through 2018 on separate pages (which allowed me to remove them from the active news for purposes of checking links).

Very bittersweet going through the old news. I had forgotten the very difficult times when I could not find hosting space, and it would disappear as quickly as it would appear.

June 25, 2020 – Blair Robins Updates His Utilities