August 14, 2019 – New TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast

The podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk # 32 is out now.

In this episode they start by previewing the upcoming Tandy Assembly 2019. They have a lot of big news to relate regarding the 3rd annual gathering of Tandy Radio Shack computing enthusiasts in Springfield, Ohio. They also discuss a new document archiving project of original Radio Shack Customer Service Bulletins. There’s the usual segments on new projects, new acquisitions, listener feedback and the book review. They then try to decide what do you do with a wall of Model I Video Displays. Finally, in their interview segment, Pete Cetinski talks to Tandy Radio Shack marketing executive Buzz Murphy. Buzz relates his experience at the company while riding the incredible wave that was created by the original TRS-80 microcomputer release in 1977.

You can download or listen at

August 9, 2019 – Anyone have a CHROMATRS

Pascal Holdry is still working closely with the creator of the ChromaTRS to reverse engineer the ChromaTRS, but there are still some questions about the circuit board that remain unanswered.

If anyone has a ChromaTRS would you please reach out. I think even just a high res photo of both sides of the board might do the trick in identifying some missing components.


August 6, 2019 – Model I Desk Free for Local Pickup in Lake Orion, MI.

Update: Claimed

TRS-80 Model I desk – with the cutouts for keyboard / EI and bays for disks which he says is in excellent condition.

It is free for local pickup only from Lake Orion, MI (approx. 30 miles north of Detroit)

I will relay messages sent to me in the order received – email to contest at trs-80 dot com. First come first served.

August 2, 2019 – New Downloads Available

Brandt J Fine, author of Skyscraper and Gobbler, has graciously given permission to his files available for download, so if you search for Brandt J Fine, the files he ok’d should be live.

Similarly, Bill Prady has also graciously given permission to make his files available for download, so if you search for Bill Prady, the files he ok’d should be live.

July 30, 2017 – Unknown Commands

In my travels of reading disks and making sure the software runs, I have come across a few programs which use commands I cannot identify. I have check Snapp Extended BASIC, GBASIC, BASICG, LNWBASIC, LBasic, ZBASIC, NEWBASIC, etc. and I just can’t figure them out.

If anyone out there knows which Model 1/3/4 environment or software package may use the command LINPUT, please let me know. This command is part of Kim Watt’s Super Utility Help BBS, I think.


P.S. – David Sutherland researched and solved the mysteries of #CLS and HCLS.

July 9, 2019 – Floppy Days Podcast # 92 – Interview with Editor of CLOAD Magazine

Floppy Days podcast, devoted to all types of vintage computing, recently interviewed Mr. Dave Lagerquist, who was the editor of both the CLOAD cassette magazine, which was produced for the TRS-80 Model I and Model III, and Chromasette cassette magazine, which was produced for the Tandy Color Computer.

The Floppy Days podcast can be found at

June 3, 2019 – Anyone have a ChromaTRS?

With Robert French’s contribution of ChromaBASIC, Pascal Holdry is looking for the actual ChromaTRS so that he can archive the hardware. Does anyone have such a thing that would be willing to take high res pictures of the top and bottom of the circuit board?

May 5, 2019 – Information on ORCH-85

Pascal Holdry continues his work to archive TRS-80 hardware. He has asked that if anyone has the connections for the Orchestra-85 map, please reach out to him at ph at prof-80 dot fr.

His work on the ORCHESTRA-80 can be found at

April 17, 2019 – New TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast

The podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk # 30 is out now.

In this episode, In this episode, Spring is in the air at Trash Talk headquarters, so we’ve been itchy to make quite a few acquisitions lately that we discuss, including a long weekend drive to Chicago. We also introduce a new TRS-80 search engine that should prove to be a highly valuable resource to the TRS-80 community. Then, we do some eBay shopping for TRS-80 computers and related items. Finally, we interview TRS-80 programmer Rick Papo. Rick was the author of several important reference books for the TRS-80 which included reverse engineered and highly documented system source code. These are invaluable references for the modern day Z80 assembler programmer..

You can download or listen at