TRS-80 Books for Free Local Pickup – Cape Town, South Africa

Free TRS-80 books for those willing to drive down to Cape Town.

What? Not living in South Africa? You can dream like the rest of us I suppose. Pass it on.

He originally planned to trash these (-!) but is willing to workout local pickup.

To contact Eric Voigt about obtaining these please reply on Twitter.

January 26, 2017 – TRS-80’s Free for Local Pickup (Detroit)


Multiple computers / parts / books / accessories for Models I, II (3 of these), III, 4 (regular and portable) available free for local pickup in Lake Orion, Michigan (about 30 minutes north of Detroit).

As always, to keep away those would say “hey, would you ship” (when the above states local pickup only), please contact me if you can do a local pickup and I will relay in the order received.

CLAIMED … July 13, 2016 – Model I and Model 4P For Free (or Cost of Shipping)

A site visitor has advised the following is available either free for local pickup or for the cost of pack and ship. As always, first come first served. Details as follows:

I have both a working TRS-80 Model I w/expansion interface and a Model 4p. Unfortunately most of the daily use software disks no longer read. I also have a hard disk drive for the TRS-80 from Clone Computers that no longer boots up. In addition I have manuals in good condition for TRSDOS 6.0, Dosplus 3.5 & 4.0, Montezuma Micro CP/M,and a Model 4p service manual. There are original software disks, not used except for installation, that may or may not be readable. We are moving and I will give it all away to whomever is interested in paying the freight or picking it up, rather than tossing it. We are located near Chagrin Falls, OH.

April 13, 2016 – CLAIMED

UPDATE: Machines have been claimed.

A site visitor located near Detroit, Michigan has a Model 4, Model 100, and Model 200 which are available either free for local pickup or for the cost of pack and ship. As always, first come first served. Details as follows:

• Model 4

   • TRS-80 MODEL 4 with 48K RAM, Anti-Glare Screen, Model III Dust Cover

   • Manual – Model 4 Disk System Owner’s & Disk

   • Manual – Addendum to Model 4 SuperSCRIPSIT and Customer Service Bulletins

   • Manual – Model 4 Quick Reference Guide

   • Manual – SuperSCRIPSIT

   • Manual – VisiCalc v2.09.02

   • Manual – Advanced Statistical Analysis

   • Manual – Scripsit Ver. 1.02.03

   • Manual – Audio tape cassettes titled “Model I/III SuperSCRIPSIT”

   • Manual – SuperSCRIPSIT Dictionary

   • Manual – Videotex Plus

   • Manual – Alcor Pascal

   • Manual – Model III Profile III Plus

   • Software – Scripsit Boot-Disk (Backup disk)

   • Software – Scripsit Program (Backup disk)

   • Software – Scripsit Speller (Backup disk)

   • Software – Visicalc Model III (Workdisk)

   • Software – Model 4 TRSDOS and BASIC Interpreter

• Model 100

   • Model 100 with case, power supply, 2 legs

   • Bar code reader

   • Club 100 User Group Newsletters

   • Model 100 Quick Reference Guide

• Model 200

   • Model 200 with case, power supply, 4 legs

   • Model 200 Owner’s Manual

   • Model 200 Multiplan Manual

   • Model 200 Telecom Manual

   • Model 200 BASIC Reference Guide

   • Model 200 Application Quick Reference Guide


   • Daisy Wheel Printer 2

   • Optional Tractor Kit

   • Dust Cover

   • Tractor Paper

February 5, 2016 – New eBay Auctions To Support the Site

January 12, 2016 – 15 eBay Auction to Support the Site (End of January)

At the end of January I anticipate listing the next 15 items. Everything is original media with original manuals and original binders (if there are binders)

•  Series I Editor Assembler
•  Keyboard Debounce and Real Time Clock
•  Business Systems Payroll
•  Meteor Mission II
•  Debug
•  Program Conversion and Data Conversion
•  Blackjack/Backgammon
•  Checkers-80
•  Pilot Plus
•  Personal Finance Level I
•  Statistical Analysis
•  In-Memory Information System
•  Spectaculator
•  Profile Model 1/3
•  Time Manager package

January 3, 2016 – 15 eBay Auction to Support the Site

The below are the current batch of eBay auctions to support the site.

•  Model III Disk System Owner’s Manual
•  Communications Package for RS-232-C (Tape)
•  Games Pack 3 Package
•  PFS:File
•  Little Brother Data Manager
•  Profile 4+ 
•  Memory Minder Drive Analyzer
•  Target PlannerCalc
•  Disk Scripsit
•  Advanced Statistical Analysis Package
•  Inventory Control System
•  Fortran Package
•  Tape Editor/Assembler
•  TextEdit Word Processing System
•  Micro Movie
•  MS-DOS GWBasic 3.2 Upgrade
•  TRSTimes Magazine Production Documents/Files