Updated TRS-80 Emulator

George and Peter Phillips have updated TRS80GP to v2.1.0

Changes include:

  • Better handling of floppy (formatting is the biggest)
  • .cmd files now loaded under TRSDOS/LSDOS rather than ROM BASIC.
  • Sound mute menu entry and auto-muting paused or using menus.
  • Full screen and new sharp rendering mode. (perfectly square pixels with scaling)
  • Reassigned and new hot keys
  • Disk files recognized by .dmk, .imd, .dsk suffix so can be listed without -dN on command line. Or with just -d if suffix unknown.
  • Can insert unformatted blank disks with “-d dmk” and “-d imd”.
  • Printer menu to turn off pop-up and turn off printer (also -poff).
  • Reset button and RAM badge added to soft keyboard.
  • Added IM mode, WZ register, EX latches and Z-80 instruction state to debugger.
  • BASICG and hires graphics utilities now on built-in Model II TRSDOS boot disk.
  • Handling of reset button and HALT instruction fixed on Model I.
  • Clock automatically set for Model 1, 3, 4 built-in TRS-DOS, LDOS and LSDOS.
  • Added -is, -ics, -id, -itime, -im trackdump and -showframe for automatic input “scripting”.
  • Add “Replace” to diskette menu for quicker eject + insert workflow.
  • Now have -m3n for Norcom emulation (99% just a different character ROM).
  • Bug fixes in screenshot when paused.
  • Beam debug now defaults to blue for conflict colour and shows the data that would have been displayed if the conflict did not occur.
  • Built-in Model 4 LDOS now configured for 4 floppy drives (it had only 2).

Learn more and get it at http://48k.ca/trs80gp.html