TRLD – File Format Converter+

I am way late to the game on this one. George Philips has written and released a Windows executable file call TRLD which will convert between cas, hex, bas, and cmd.

According to his website:

trld reads one or more TRS-80 programs in .cmd, .cas, .hex or .bas format and saves them as a single .rom, .cmd, .cas or .hex file. As input it supports 250, 500 and 1500 baud .cas cassette image files as well as tokenized and ASCII .bas BASIC program files. Output can be in .cmd, .cas, .hex or .wav (audio file) format.

A precompiled binary for Windows is included along with the source code which can easily be compiled on Mac and Linux systesm. These program loading routines are the same ones used in my TRS-80 Model I/III/4 emulator.

trld is a command-line tool. It takes a list of files. The last one is the output file, the rest are loaded in sequence and combined together to form the output. The format of the input files is determined automatically. The output format is chosen depending on the file suffix. For example, to convert a cassette file to a .cmd (disk executable format) you would type:

trld original.cas original.cmd

With multiple input files the program start address is taken from the last file. For “.cas” output the name of the SYSTEM file is based on the first 6 letters of the output file name. With

trld file.cmd ..\converted\out.cas

The “..\converted\out.cas” file will be called “OUT” and that’s the name you must pass to the SYSTEM command. If you’re using Play CAS, it tells you the tape file’s name.

The utility can be downloaded from George’s website or on the TRS-80 Miscellaneous Utilities page.

Robert French Files and Manual

Robert French, author of ChromaBASIC for the ChromaTRS, has given me permission to make (almost) all of his software available for download, so if you search for Robert French, the files he ok’d should be live. Copyright notice is included in each ZIP.

Robert also provided the manual for the Chroma TRS as well. The link in the hardware manuals is live, but it can be downloaded here.

Thank you Robert, and thank you David Sutherland for your tireless efforts to get these permissions!