June 2020 Issue of TRS8Bit

Dusty has released the March 2020 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter.

In this issue, Tezza sorts out Model 4 disk drive re-alignment. Ian Mavric gives us the lowdown on the M1’s different keypads. There’s a TRS-Xenix information sheet from Peter Cetinski. Rence shows us a truly portable model 1 complete with 7″ TFT monitor! ET Fonehume has a one-liner to produce Armstrong numbers. Do you know the Differences between the AZERTY and QWERTY keyboards? Harold Finch set us another of his puzzles. There’s a selection of articles ‘from the day’. Did you miss the ebay.co.uk bargains from the last 3 months? Tim Halloran details the Model 1 No-chip VBLANK modification. John Corbani’s original spreadsheet, MINICALC, is upgraded to the AFT. Ian Mavric is Revisiting the CN80 Model 4 mouse project (part 4). Full details of the “double-do” 2020 COMPETITION. Kyle Wadsten has produced a track/sector display using a M3 clock. Details of the USB FC5025 floppy controller and finally, Ian Mavric suggests some complex upgrade projects.

It can be downloaded from his web site.

SDLTRS Updated to v1.2.10

Jens Guenther has updated his forked SDLTRS to v1.2.10.

Per Jens, this version runs on BSD, Haiku, Linux, MacOS(X), Solaris and Windows (95 to current).

  • Added Z80 refresh register. (v1.2.10)
  • Added more accurate Z80 block moves. (v1.2.10)
  • Added support for Sprinter II/III. (v1.2.10)
  • Fixed bugs and other improvements. (v1.2.10)

You can download a ZIP file with the full source and all executables here.

Joystick Adapter for Model I

Pascal Holdry has reverse engineered the Model I Joystick Adapter which can be plugged directly into the output bus of the TRS-80 Model I via a 40 pin cable.

He advises it works with all games, via jumper select (Big 5 games need to be jumpered differently)

For more information visit his site. Note: There is a translation pulldown at the top of the right menu.

SDLTRS II Updated to v1.2.9

Site visitor lowen has let me know that Jens Guenther has updated his forked SDLTRS to v1.2.9.

Per Jens, this version runs on BSD, Haiku, Linux, MacOS(X), Solaris and Windows (95 to current).

Some of the updates include:

  • Fixed SDL2 regressions in version 1.2.8.
  • Added display of Z80 speed in window title bar.
  • Added “Turbo Paste” function.
  • Adjust Z80 clock rate on the fly.
  • Fixed bugs and other improvements.

New TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast (Episode 35)

The podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk # 35 is out now.

“In this episode the Trash Talkers discuss the greatest TRS-80 rescue mission of all time as they head to Fort Worth to recover a significant TRS-80 collection. Then, we give you all sorts of ideas on what you can do with your TRS-80 while sequestered away in your home during the current global pandemic.”

You can download or listen at http://www.trs80trashtalk.com/.

New ROM Disassembly *and* Lance Micklus OK’s downloads

Two announcements:

  • Frank Durda IV had been working on a Model 4 ROM Update which was never released. That ROM has been disassembled and has been added to the ROM/CPU Page.
  • Thanks to a facebook discussion with Miyagami Noriko, I have corrected the entries for DOGSTAR ADVENTURE in the database and sought, and no have now received, permission from the awesome Lance Micklus to make all of his programs downloadable; so they are (and as programs are available, so are their manuals)! Thank you Lance!