Site News

Site Updates since the last …

  • All pages have been converted to HTML5, other than the non-Wordpress catalog search result pages and the non-Wordpress magazine search results page. The site should scale to monitor size well now.
  • The software search results page, which is a combination of php, html, css, jquery, and mysql, has been converted as well. I have also put in a near approximation of the WordPress navbar to make navigating from the page easier.
  • The software search results page now also displays whether there were Radio Shack Bulletins in regard to any piece of software.
  • Customer service bulletins, whether on the software search results page or the Radio Shack Bulletins page, are all downloadable.
  • The way WordPress handles news is not conducive to widescale fixes, so most links from a decade ago, whether to sites, files, or pictures, are bad. I am converting super-old news to web pages, fixing them along the way, and removing them from the way WordPress generally handles news. This way they are still searchable, but also consistent.
  • Having lunch with Don French this weekend; looking forward to it!

Site Updates

Site Updates since the last …

  • Cleaned up inconsistent CSS from all over the place, hoping for a more uniform look.
  • Removed the ‘who posted’ and in ‘what category’ from news items, and consolidated the look of the news items. Old news will continue to be messed up though.
  • Shrunk the right “navbar” to give the site more width.
  • Fixed the WELCOME page links and updated it to include 3 suggested page groups.
  • Broke out more of the INTERNAL into separate menu items under the ADVANCED heading.
  • Consolidated 4 different sets of RAM ADDRESSES into one page. I merged them all, and it will take time to consolidate the different entries; so for the time being there may be 1-4 different entries per RAM address. Of course, I had to get them all into the same format which involved a LOT of decimal to hex and hex to decimal conversions.
  • Consolidated 3 different keymaps into one page.
  • Continued cleanup work on the ROM EXPLAINED pages. These pages will likely keep getting cleaned up.
  • Created an Interviews page and moved individual interviews off the menu. Rounded up links I from other sites as well.
  • Scrubbed for more bad links.
  • Posted somewhere in the area of 320 ZIP’s contaning patches to various pieces of software, for the new Patches page.

If anyone wants to error check and/or otherwise help clean up the RAM ADDRESS page or try to help organize the uploaded Patches, such help would be welcome.

Site Updates

It has been a while since I posted what I have been working on so …

  • Converted the entire site (other than search results pages) into HTML5, including verifying all links.
  • Restructured the overly cramped “Zaps/Mods/Pokes/Tricks” Pages.
  • Broke out all ROM/CPU related pages.
  • Added pages explaining the disassembled Model I ROM.
  • Added a Radio Shack Lore page, which is excerpts from discussions on comp.sys.tandy.
  • Updated the magazine search database with new magazine.
  • Added new magazines to their respective pages
  • Removed all pop-up pages (except search results pages); everything is now included in the WordPress site

New TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast

The podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk # 33 is out now.

“In this episode we review Tandy Assembly 2019. There were lots of additions to the show this year including the new Tech Track. What worked well and what worked not so well? There’s the usual segments on new projects, new acquisitions, listener feedback and the book review. We talk about JetSet which is a flight simulator for the TRS-80 Model II! There’s some discussion about ARCNET, CP/M Plus and floppy disk baking. Then, in our main segment, we talk to TRS-80 Model 100 enthusiast Josh Malone. Josh gives us a great overview and then a detailed rundown of this most famous portable computer.”

You can download or listen at

Model I Free for Local Pickup in Willis, Texas (50 miles north of Houston)

Update: CLAIMED!
A site visitor is giving away what is pictured below free for local pickup. Hasn’t been powered up since the 80’s.
I will relay messages sent to me in the order received – email to contest at trs-80 dot com. First come first served, noting that I will be away from the computer all day on September 10, 2019 and I will not be able to remove the news item even if claimed until I get home.

New Issue of TRS8Bit

Dusty has released the September 2019 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter on the download page of his web site.


Page 04
Simple tune
George sets out details of a ‘simple’, but very effective, sound routine (George Phillips)
Page 08
In Mav’s U.S. travels
Mav tells us what to expect at this years ta it’s still not too late to book!
Page 12
Push button technology
An unusual car boot find which i thought might interest some of you Tandy fans.
Page 14
Newdos v2.0 86/90
A further update on this upgrade (rainer)
Page 17
Just how many of these things are there?
Page 18
In Mav’s workshop
An ‘accelerator pedal’ for the Model 1. Mav introduces the ‘new-Sprinter-II’ board the big zero! (Ian Mavric)
Page 27
The big zero!
Testing your reaction time with this rather sneaky, original one-liner (E.T. Fonehume)
Page 30
U.K. eBay bargain over the last 3 months.
Did you manage to get your hands on one?
Page 33
The way we were
A look-back in time to see what was making some of the news ‘in the day’
Page 39
Trials & tribulations with wafers
But still loving it!!
Page 45
Stretch your mind
Just something a bit different to make you smile (Harold Finch).
Page 46
News from Ira at
Page 47
News from Pascal & colleagues in Europe
Chroma-Basic (Pascal Holdry, Mike Friedman, Ian Mavric, Ira Goldklang, Eric Dittman and Hans Rietveld).
Page 55
In Mav’s workshop
Mav gives us the low-down on the Norcom TC-III (Ian Mavric).
Page 64
Parsing Level 1 BASIC
Kyle Wadsten.
Page 66
For sale & wanted