‘Quinnterface’ Model 1 32K Hardware Add-On for the FreHD Interface

‘Quinnterface’ 32K Memory Upgrade Add-On & Interface to the FreHD Hard Drive Emulator.

  • The “Quinnterface” allows Model 1 users to add 32K RAM to their system without the need for the R.S. Expansion Interface. It also allows for the connecting and easy use of the FreHD hardware, a hard drive emulator. On December 1 J. Andrew Quinn, Bas Gialopsos, and Ian Mavric released the J. Andrew Quinn “Quinnterface” a hardware expansion device for the Model 1. The price is $95- USD. A video on the product was also posted.
    • Contact for:
  • Andrew Quinn – jaquinn@ihug.co.nz
  • Bas Gialopsos at BetaGamma Computing – BGCompute@aol.com

Kevin Savetz interview of Wayne Green

As some will remember TRS-80.com published a notice back in September 2013, of Wayne Green’s death. Green was instrumental in promoting the TRS-80 by publishing 80-Micro, and Hot CoCo magazines. He also started the publication of many other technical magazines.

About a week ago Kevin Savetz released an audio interview he made with Green just eight months prior to Green’s death. (Many in the retrocomputing hobby may recognize Kevin Savetz’ name. He has been very active in Atari archiving.)

David Larsen of the recently featured BugBook Museum tells a brief story of how Green boasted he could help fix many problems of the Soviet Union in a planned group trip, and of Larsen’s relief when Green canceled his involvement at the last minute.

Curiously Savetz also submitted an FBI Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on Green. According to Savetz, along with the information returned were some pages vetted by the CIA. Those included the comment, “It is certainly possible that [redacted] could have furnished Green, Jr.’s name for possible recruitment by the Soviets…”

I don’t believe there is evidence that Green was ever working for the USSR but what more colorful information on a man whose life seemed an adventure.

For more of the FBI’s records on Green along with other links on him, see the original posting and the Savetz’ interview page.

  1. Kevin Savetz Interviews Wayne Green
  2. David Larsen’s Wayne Green Memories
  3. TRS-80.com Sep 2013 Posting on Wayne Green’s Passing
  4. AtariMagazines.com site, an example of Kevin Savetz’ work

Dave Larsen’s Bug Book Computer Museum

Dave Larsen, ham call sign KK4WW,  runs the The Bug Book Computer Museum site.

The site includes information on several TRS-80 books.

On a related note, Earles McCaul has graciously granted TRS-80.com the privledge of hosting a pdf of TRS-80 Assembly Language Made Simple.

  1. Bug Book Computer Museum
  2. Bug Book Titles
  3. Earles L. McCaul’s TRS-80 Assembly Language Made Simple
  4. Jonathan A. Titus’ TRS-80 Interfacing
  5. John Paul Froelich’s TRS-80 More Than Basic
  6. History and purpose of Bug Book Computer Musuem
  7. Download Earles L. McCaul’s TRS-80 Assembly Language Made Simple
  8. TRS-80.com’s List of TRS-80 Related Books

Update: here’s a link to the Bug Book Computer Museum blog:

  • www.microcomputermuseum.com

    Schematic for 26-1429 Radio Shack Automatic Power Strip

    Pete Higgin’s of Moreno Valley, CA posted a schematic of the 26-1429 Radio Shack Automatic Power Strip.

    He offers a modification to use this the automatic power strip on a modern computer system.

    Of course the original design still works for the TRS-80 so you if you are looking for a retro-project “for your Model II, III, 4, 12 or 16B” you could build (or repair) this one as originally designed.