Model 3 or 4 USB Keyboard

Kyle Wadsten has released his interface boards for the Model 3 and 4 that allow plugging in modern keyboards into the classic TRS-80 Model 3 & 4 machines.

There are two different board designs, one for USB keyboards and another for PS/2 input. 

What I find very intriguing and helpful is the ability to use the existing keyboard along with a modern keyboard at the same time.

Check out more at his order page or on the Facebook announcement page at the links below:

Kyle Wadsten’s NEWKEY/80 Arduino and custom board allow for a modern keyboards on your Model 3 & IV machines.

TRS-80 Books for Free Local Pickup – Cape Town, South Africa

Free TRS-80 books for those willing to drive down to Cape Town.

What? Not living in South Africa? You can dream like the rest of us I suppose. Pass it on.

He originally planned to trash these (-!) but is willing to workout local pickup.

To contact Eric Voigt about obtaining these please reply on Twitter.

August 27, 2016 – Trash Talk Podcast

If you are on Twitter, follow TRS-80 Trash Talk for all Tweets TRS-80. I never was fond of the trash label but these guys are firing on all cylinders, going all the way to 65535, if you know what I mean.

They also produce a podcast and just interviewed Scott Adams on August 25. At time of posting their latest podcast is from August 3rd but check regularly for their latest.


  • TRS-80 Trash Talk Twitter Page
  • TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast
  • Model II Kermit File Transfer, Linux Cross Assembler and KBU Repair

    Chris Osborne, @FozzTexx, has been tweeting a lot lately about his TRS-80 Model II repairs and other adventures in restoration and use.

    Not only did he restore the keyboard to new-like state (using supplies from the Dollar Tree) he was been busying porting a version of Kermit (file transfer protocol) that does proper hardware handshaking, and creating a Linux CP/M cross assembler in the process.

    Usborne (UK) BASIC Games Books Available for Free Download

    Usborne has made available many of their 1980’s BASIC books available for free .pdf download. This includes several games books with TRS-80 programs you can type in.

    Well, keying in long BASIC games is certainly a way to relive your Jr. High School years, yes? Good on Usborne in doing good for us. Even better would be to release them into the Public Domain, and publish the source code in a downloadable diskette format. Anyone want to OCR their program listings and share them back to Usborne as a thank-you?

    There are actually many more Usborne BASIC books available than I was previously aware of. Most, if not all, appear to contain listings for the Model 1, 3 or IV BASIC.

    TRS-80 Kryoflux Disk Utilities Updated: Writes JV3 Format

    Good news for those wanting more options trying to read marginal 5.25″ TRS-80 diskette media.

    The Catweasel controller is still probably the best tool for reading older TRS-80 diskettes, especially when used properly. But the Kryoflux seems to be catching up. An update from Mike Gore and Keir Fraser allows converting the Kryoflux CT stream into the JV3 format supported by many TRS-80 emulators.

    As a regular reminder — if you want to read diskettes that you haven’t read in decades, you may only get one pass before the data literally strips off. Please consider sending them to Ira for archiving before possibly ruining them… or instead of procrastinating and letting them decay for another few years. Ira will convert your data and send it back to you. Details here: FAQ on converting your diskettes.

    TRS-80 Dropbox and Wikipedia Interfaces

    Peter Cetinski shares two fun applications for Peter Bartlett’s MISE hardware add-on. Even if you don’t own the MISE, the “Model I System Expander”, the applications may still intrigue you.

    The applications sort answer the question, “What might it have looked like if we had the Internet when the TRS-80 was one of the most popular machines around?” Of course the question is a bit absurd, but still fantastic!

    Cetinski has created TRS80WIKI and TRS80WIKIH to view pages using the TRS-80. The “H” version uses PCG-80 high-res graphics simulation to render Wikipedia images.

    And a second useful app, is TRS-Box — a DROPBOX Internet client for the TRS-80.

    I think my mind is a bit blown!