March 8, 2018 – New Issue of TRS8Bit

Dusty has released the March 2018 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter on his web site. You can find all of the issues on his downloads page.


PAGE 03 IN MAV’S WORKSHOP: Using Co-Co Drives on a M1/M3/M4
PAGE 07 From .JPG to /BAS in Easy Stages
PAGE 10 A review of the Colour Genie
PAGE 16 In Mav’s Workshop: TRS-80 Linepinter VI
PAGE 25 Binary Countdown
PAGE 27 Postacards to the Editor
PAGE 29 The FreHD Adapter
PAGE 37 In Mav’s Workshop: TRS-80 Farming Articles
PAGE 47 Competition
PAGE 48 Review
PAGE 49 Deal or No Deal – A New TRS-80 Game!
PAGE 37 In Mav’s Workshop: Model 4 Roundup

December 13, 2017 – TRS-80 Model I Free for Local Pickup

Update: Claimed

A site visitor in the Alexandria, Virginia area is offering a Model I system free for local pickup.

Details (From the donator): Model I, Level II, 16K. I purchased in in 1980 at the Springfield Mall in PA. It was working when I boxed it up in 1985 and stored it in a bedroom. Now there is a problem. I’m able to enter and run a simple program, but the characters displayed on the screen aren’t as expected. I suspect the monitor is fine, and maybe a contact in the computer is corroded. I’m including the computer, monitor, power supply, cassette recorder, original box, two Level II Basic Reference Manuals and some cassettes.

Note (From Ira): My hardware expert, Ian Mavric, believes from the pictures that it is more than likely that the cause of the problem is that one of the video RAM chips has failed.

     •  Model I

     •  Model I, Level II, 16K Computer

     •  Monitor

     •  Power Supply

     •  Cassette recorder

     •  Original box

     •  Two Level II Basic Reference Manuals

     •  Some cassettes

As always, to keep away those would say “hey, would you ship” (when the above states local pickup only), please contact me at if you can do a local pickup and I will relay in the order received.