July 23, 2016 – R.I.P. Loyal Teac Drive

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of the Teac FD-55GFR drive which has been used to make people DOS disks and to read people’s disks for them. It was a loyal worker, but was felled by a particularly gnarly set of disks I was reading for someone. Its duties will be taken over by a Mitsubishi drive that seems to be doing well on its first day on the job.

CLAIMED … July 13, 2016 – Model I and Model 4P For Free (or Cost of Shipping)

A site visitor has advised the following is available either free for local pickup or for the cost of pack and ship. As always, first come first served. Details as follows:

I have both a working TRS-80 Model I w/expansion interface and a Model 4p. Unfortunately most of the daily use software disks no longer read. I also have a hard disk drive for the TRS-80 from Clone Computers that no longer boots up. In addition I have manuals in good condition for TRSDOS 6.0, Dosplus 3.5 & 4.0, Montezuma Micro CP/M,and a Model 4p service manual. There are original software disks, not used except for installation, that may or may not be readable. We are moving and I will give it all away to whomever is interested in paying the freight or picking it up, rather than tossing it. We are located near Chagrin Falls, OH.

April 22, 2016 – Dutch TRS-80 User Group – Archive Online and New Website

A long time TRS-80 related site, www.trs-80.nl, run by the Dutch TRS-80 Users Group has been updated.

The Dutch TRS-80 User Group was established on 1 October 1978 to support the new home computer from Tandy, the TRS-80. The User Group made a quick start and grew to over 4000 members. It published a bi-monthly newsletter, Remarks, which was the main source of information for many first-time computer users. The yearly User Day was the main event for buying hardware, software and exchanging knowledge. With the demise of the TRS-80 the User Group became accordingly smaller. The remaining members aim to preserve the TRS-80 and the knowledge of this retrocomputer.

To do so, the User Group today presents a new website and the complete archive of 108 newsletters, Remarks.

The site is in Dutch, but for those using Chrome, Google will offer to translate the pages as you move around the site.