Trouble with Chrome or WordPress or Theme or all.

Update 2: It seems that the theme I use had the font hardcoded in its assets/css directory.

Update: I am converting pages as fast as I can to avoid the “mixed content” blocks, but there is still something wrong. If you come to the site under https:// you won’t get the right font. I still don’t know where that call is …

Previous: I mainly use Chrome and the site is looking awful, as well as blocking some downloads. I have determined that either Chrome, WordPress, my Theme, or some combination, has decided that “mixed content” (https calling http) is now to be blocked. That is knocking out a bunch of stuff, including the font and jquery. For the life of me, I do not remember where in the wordpress theme I set up a custom page header that included that stuff; but hope to find it at some point.

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