Catweasel Software v4.6 Released

Quentin Barnes has releases v4.6 of the Catweasel Tools originally written by Tim Mann.


  • Skipping over 4.5.x versions since George Phillips had used that point release line for his work.
  • Git repo “cw2dmk” of Tim Mann’s work was created by ezrec (Jason S. McMullan). Transferred to qbarnes.
  • Switched Linux release binaries to be for 64-bit OSes.
  • Added change from George Phillips for his “join” (-j) feature that will join different rereads of the same track and merge good sectors.
  • Fixed problem of missing data between index hole detect and read started. This should noticably reduce disk read errors and even occasionally dropping of entire sectors.
  • Added change to allow cw2dmk tools to function on newer Linux releases by enabling PCI I/O space access if disabled.
  • Added change to recognize and skip factory-formatted sides of a disk. Controlled with -b option.
  • The subdirectory “cwsdpmi” is now a git sub-module for picking up the “cwsdpmi.exe” binary for MS-DOS.
  • Cleaned up and merged multiple makefiles for different environments into one. Makes it easier to maintain, build, and cross-build. By default, the Makefile will now only build for the native OS. See the new file for further information.
  • Created subdirectory “firmware” for holding firmware related files including a LICENSE file. I also received some additional documentation from Jens Schoenfeld on programming the MK3 and MK4 and a file with firmware revision history saved here as firmware/Changelog.
  • To be less generic, renamed “testhist” binary to “cwtsthst”, still keeping to MS-DOS’s 8.3 file naming convention.
  • Update code base to be 64-bit clean. Fixed all known problems but some may remain.
  • Changed to using semantic versioning for version ID.

You can download from Github..

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