Emulator Update: TRS80GP v2.4 Released

TRS80GP has been updated to v2.4. Changelog:

New and/or Improved Features:

  • Linux beta version.
  • Videotex terminal emulation (use -mv)
  • Electric Crayon emulator; -p :ec or choose Electric Crayon in Printer -> Connection
  • TCP/IP printer support with -p host:port (like -r option is for serial ports)
  • Command line breakpoints support range syntax. e.g., b 5200:6000.
  • Add various -ir command-line options to trigger audio and video recording.
  • Add -su command line option to turn off audio filtering.
  • FreHD directory settable to ease IMPORT2/EXPORT2 usage (command line and menu).

Bug Fixes:

  • Works on Windows XP again (removed a trivial dependency).
  • Fix crash due to format mis-identification when loading up certain .cas images.
  • Floppy disk doubler detection for Model I improved.
  • ENTER key works from “all pressed” location in logical mode.
  • Stop audio from popping when continuous tones played.
  • Stop crashing if screenshot or animated GIF save file dialog is cancelled.
  • DT-1 Setup -> Save Setup wasn’t saving the settings correctly.

Visit The TRS80GP Web Page for the download and information, or here for the emulator.

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