December 2020 Issue of TRS8Bit

Dusty has released the December 2020 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter.


Page 4
2020 Competition Details & Results
page 15
CP/M running on the Model 100! just unbelievable but brilliant. It’s a must have for M100 fans
page 19
Painting your Computer
Brighten up your old Tandy with these tip from Patrick. He really makes a great job of it
page 29
In Mav’s Workshop
Mav introduces some of his new ideas for 2021
page 37
Nack to the Future
And thinks back and remembers when the world was quite a different place
page 42
I.Santutxu Tournament
A report and photos from the latest TRS-80 tournament from Spain
page 50
Roman Nvmerals
ET produces a rather nifty one-liner to convert decimal number to their roman equivalent!
page 47
Gnomic – Alive and kicking (again)
Shane has provided a report, with photos, of the work required to bring back to life my Gnomic DP2000 system
page 53
Stretch Your Mind
Harold has an Xmas theme quiz for us all
page 55
Merry Christmas to You All – from Dee and Myself
page 57
TRS-80 Cassette Reader Website
Check out this fantastic website where you can just ‘drop’ your cassette type file and check it for errors
page 50
The Way we Were
With CP/M available for the M100, I came across this article in ‘personal computing’ everything you need to know about CP/M, it says!
page 77
In Mav’s Workshop
Mav completes his series of the CN80 mouse with part 5 for his article

It can be downloaded from his web site.

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