Site Updates Since the Last

  1. A number of Radio Shack service manuals are now available for download on the TRS-80 Manuals: Hardware Manuals Page. Downloadable items are shaded in gray for easy recognition.
  2. Jens Guenther updated SDLTRS2 to v1.2.12. Updates are:
    • Fixed issue #3 “Handle CapsLock key in SDL2” (reported by David Barr). (v1.2.12)
    • Fixed some crashes (Copy Buffer, “SuperMem” option). (v1.2.12)
    • Fixed bugs and other improvements. (v1.2.12)
    • Made Z80 debugger an optional feature. (v1.2.12)
  3. Zaps and Patches – Programs page has been updated with new patches:
  4. The Tandy / Radio Shack Memos, Bulletins, and Releases page has been updated with the following new Technical Bulletins:

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