TRS80GP v2.3.1 Released

TRS80GP has been updated to v2.3.1. Changelog:

  • Alpha joystick emulation on Windows.
  • Software keyboard for Mac.
  • PCG-80, 80-Grafix, 80-Grafix+ and 80-Grafix III programmable character graphics.
  • Z-80 debugger can set ranged breakpoints on memory read/write and I/O in/out.
  • Floppy and hard drive sector viewer.
  • Memory and disk search capability (in Z-80 debugger and Disk Viewer).
  • Alt-0 though Alt-9 are user-definable keyboard macros (Edit menu) [windows].
  • Floppy command delay added; Sledge of Rahmul and other Duo-Loader games boot.
  • Return floppy sector type fixing Zork boot and improved write protect handling.
  • Right-shift on Model 1 logical keyboard working again.
  • Hard drive emulation supports WD2010 mode with up to 2048 cylinders.
  • JV3 format floppies with more than 40 tracks work now.
  • Now have warm and cold restart with the latter re-initializing RAM.
  • Xenix printing much faster as Model 2/16 emulation generates printer interrupts.
  • Model 1/3/4 logical keyboard now maps ‘^’ to ‘[‘. This may help someone who’s entering BASIC from a listing that shows ‘^’ for exponentiation.
  • Add Backslash as CLEAR in logical mode (not just physical); better for Macs.
  • Micro Matrix Photopoint light pen emulation for Model 1,3,4 (-lp) [windows].
  • Load custom character generator ROM with -charrom
  • Add -l file to load but not execute a file on the command line.
  • Add -ls file, Load Symbols… to load only the symbols from a BDS file.
  • Model 2 etc. hires displays properly CRTC start address changes (e.g., when Xenix scrolls)
  • Model 4 LS-DOS now has drives 0,1,2,3 instead of 0,1,3,4
  • Fixed occasional character drop when pasting large amounts of text.
  • Only show gray bars above and below Model 4’s 64 column mode in beam debug.
  • Add -tsr flag for laughs. Or rename your executable to tsr80gp.exe

Visit The TRS80GP Web Page for the download and information, or here for the emulator.

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