June 2020 Issue of TRS8Bit

Dusty has released the March 2020 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter.

In this issue, Tezza sorts out Model 4 disk drive re-alignment. Ian Mavric gives us the lowdown on the M1’s different keypads. There’s a TRS-Xenix information sheet from Peter Cetinski. Rence shows us a truly portable model 1 complete with 7″ TFT monitor! ET Fonehume has a one-liner to produce Armstrong numbers. Do you know the Differences between the AZERTY and QWERTY keyboards? Harold Finch set us another of his puzzles. There’s a selection of articles ‘from the day’. Did you miss the ebay.co.uk bargains from the last 3 months? Tim Halloran details the Model 1 No-chip VBLANK modification. John Corbani’s original spreadsheet, MINICALC, is upgraded to the AFT. Ian Mavric is Revisiting the CN80 Model 4 mouse project (part 4). Full details of the “double-do” 2020 COMPETITION. Kyle Wadsten has produced a track/sector display using a M3 clock. Details of the USB FC5025 floppy controller and finally, Ian Mavric suggests some complex upgrade projects.

It can be downloaded from his web site.

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