Site Updates

Site Updates since the last …

  • Cleaned up inconsistent CSS from all over the place, hoping for a more uniform look.
  • Removed the ‘who posted’ and in ‘what category’ from news items, and consolidated the look of the news items. Old news will continue to be messed up though.
  • Shrunk the right “navbar” to give the site more width.
  • Fixed the WELCOME page links and updated it to include 3 suggested page groups.
  • Broke out more of the INTERNAL into separate menu items under the ADVANCED heading.
  • Consolidated 4 different sets of RAM ADDRESSES into one page. I merged them all, and it will take time to consolidate the different entries; so for the time being there may be 1-4 different entries per RAM address. Of course, I had to get them all into the same format which involved a LOT of decimal to hex and hex to decimal conversions.
  • Consolidated 3 different keymaps into one page.
  • Continued cleanup work on the ROM EXPLAINED pages. These pages will likely keep getting cleaned up.
  • Created an Interviews page and moved individual interviews off the menu. Rounded up links I from other sites as well.
  • Scrubbed for more bad links.
  • Posted somewhere in the area of 320 ZIP’s contaning patches to various pieces of software, for the new Patches page.

If anyone wants to error check and/or otherwise help clean up the RAM ADDRESS page or try to help organize the uploaded Patches, such help would be welcome.

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