Model I Free for Local Pickup in Los Angeles, California

A site visitor has the following TRS-80 Model I hardware and other stuff to give away free for local pickup in Mar Vista/Los Angeles, California

•  TRS-80 Model I, lowercase kit, 16k
•  Original power supply
•  Monitor (not powering on)
•  Home-made Expansion Interface with 32k memory, printer port, disk controllers with power supply
•  1 half-height double-density 5.25″ diskette drive
•  Home-made power supply for diskette drive
•  NEWDOS 80 v.II diskette
•  NEWDOS 80 photocopied manual
•  Photocopied Z-80 MASM manual
•  Photocopied Rmon manual
•  “TRS-80 micro computer technical reference handbook” Radio Shack catalog number 26-2103, with the Model I circuit diagrams and explanations.
•  “TRS-80 ROM Routines Documented” by Jack Decker, from The Alternate Source.

I will relay messages sent to me in the order received – email to contest at trs-80 dot com. First come first served.

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