May 23, 2018 – PLAYCAS Updated to v2.0

PLAYCAS allows you to connect a TRS-80 cassette input to a PC soundcard so as to capture the software for use in an emulator or archiving. Knut Roll-Lund has recently updated it to v2.0 with the following notes:

  • Old Play CAS unfortunately had a bug of type copy-paste. It could not load read-only cas files. Easy bugfix. This lead to me making a new vesion also changing the user interface a little and adding a feature. The save features was kind of hidden so adding a few buttons for this and removing my entries from the option menu.
  • Save text saves the anaysis content and may be used to detokenize basic for example or recover the source code for edtasm stuff.
  • Save wav saves the prepared wav based on your load (storing programs as wav is not efficient but might be convenient. This wav is kind of perfectly formed and better than anything from real cassette.
  • LNW 1kHz (new feature in 2.0) whenever enabled modifies the wav to go at double speed. So any TRS-80 with zip kit etc. at double speed can now load cassette without dropping to regular speed.
  • PLAYCAS can be downloaded from Knut’s web site here.

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