PC Magazine Mini TRS-80 History Slideshow

Benj Edwards’ PC Magazine article, a mini TRS-80 slideshow, Golden Age of TRS-80: A Look Back At RadioShack Computers contains highlights of the TRS-80 era.

For trivia bonus points, before clicking through, can you guess which machine is named “The Micro Executive Workstation (TM)”?

For hardcore trivia bonus points, can you name the software seen on the Model III machine? (I’m stumped.)


  1. The picture is from the cover of TRS-80 Microcomputer News, Volume 4, Issue 8. It’s available on archive.org:


    Unfortunately, the caption says only “Sam Rosen Elementary School/Fort Worth Independent School District”.

    The image quality there is a little better than what PC Mag used. The text on the screen is (to the best of my ability to decipher):

    “Marvin couldn’t understand Earth people very well. That’s why Marvin came to me.”
    “He knew that I was Computer Charlie.”
    “He knew that I was one of the biggest brains around.”

    A search for Computer Charlie brings up some worksheets from TLS books, but beyond that, nothing. To my eye, the Computer Charlie graphic looks very official, as if this were Radio Shack software, but given the free-wheeling nature of the time, that doesn’t mean much.


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