April 13, 2015 – Site Resign, Kinda

Google has been whining that the site is not mobile friendly, so I have been looking for “Responsive” WordPress themes that will work without incredible problems. The new one, called DW Minion, seems to do that, although it will need to be configured, which will be slow in the coming.

The old posts definitely look bad, but since there are about 622 of them, I don’t intend to clean them all up.

Otherwise, I am still reading disks for people, sending DOS disks to people, sorting through thousands of disk images, etc. I hope to have another set of eBay auctions soon.


  1. Ira,

    my first impression of the new design is not the best. On my notebook with Firefox in native 1280×800 screen resolution the screen looks like this:

    The left (too small) column seems to have a fixed width with a strict word wrap.

    The last article in the main navigation “Do you have TRS-80 Disks or Tapes?” does have sometimes only two or three words in one line with long spaces between the words. It’s not easy to read an article like this:

    Even though I’m not the youngest (55) and my eyesight is slightly degrading the fonts in my opinion are generally to big for this screen resolution.

    Is there a way for you to configure some of the elements’ attributes?

    Kind Regards,
    … pining for the old design 😉


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