June 29, 2012 – Catalog Search Page Updated

June 29, 2012 – Catalog Search Page Updated

Thanks to a combination of Adobe Acrobat’s built-in OCR (for what it is), QuickBasic/64 (how did I not know you existed?!?!), and Textpad, I was able to have the computer determine whether RSC-17B had any catalog entries that were not yet added to the TRS-80 Catalog Search Page. The answer was a resounding yes, and the TRS-80 Catalog Search Page is now up to 2250 entries, all but 35 of which have the actual catalog entry present as an image.

These efforts have also shown me that Radio Shack re-used catalog numbers. So far, I have found 3 instances:


  •     25-1151 is both Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego (PC)
            and Dr. Graph (1000)

  •     26-1225 is both Active Junction Box
            and Q&A 3.0 (PC)

  •     26-1601 is both Scripsit Pro (4)
            and Home Recipe Program (1)

    I am not sure I will continue adding Radio Shack entries, as we have long exhausted the Model I/III/4 entries, and I am not so interested in what the 6000 might have in store for the Xenix operating system. If I had a better scan of a Med Systems catalog I would do that as well, but I do not. Off to other projects I guess.

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