TRS-80 Emulators

Since older emulators are unlikely to run on current operating systems they have been removed from this page.

If you are new to TRS-80 emulation I have an (older) guide to basic Emulator use. Visit this page for DOS/Windows and this page for Linux.

TRS32 v1.28 Model I/III/4 Emulator for Windows

Author: Matthew Reed.

Web site:

Download: TRS32


  • Is a native Windows application (features such as sound and joystick support will work on all hardware, and you can run the emulator concurrently with other Windows applications without any adverse effects)
  • Emulates the Model I (Levels I and II), Model III (Levels I and II), Model 4, and Model 4P with a variety of hardware add-ons, including doublers, graphics boards, joysticks, and additional memory
  • Provides complete and "cycle accurate" hardware-level emulation (even protected disks work without problems)
  • Includes optional realistic TRS-80 disk drive sound
  • Supports all popular virtual disk (.DSK) formats
  • Includes support for the rare Level I Model III
  • Includes emulation of the Exatron Stringy Floppy
  • Includes cut/paste of TRS-80 screen contents
  • Supports true Model 4P Mode
  • Hovering the mouse cursor over the floppy drive indicator light in the status bar will display the current drive status and position

Unregistered Shareware Version:

  • Works under all current versions of Windows
  • Full Windows application - no low-level hardware conflicts!
  • Model I, Model III, and Model 4 emulation
  • Four floppy disk drives (with optional realistic disk drive sound)
  • Cassette tape drive with graphical on-screen controls
  • Printer support
  • Serial port for RS-232 communications
  • Joystick support (using a Windows joystick - TRISSTICK and Alpha Products joysticks are emulated)

Registered Version:

  • All features included in the shareware version
  • High resolution graphics (Radio Shack and MicroLabs)
  • Up to 1 megabyte of additional memory in Model 4 mode
  • Hard disk support
  • Orchestra 85/90 music generation
  • Built-in emulation of an Epson FX-80 dot matrix printer (including graphics and control codes)

XTRS v4.9d Model I/III/4 Emulator for Unix

Author: Tim Mann

Web site:

Download: ZIP or TAR.

xtrs is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Unix and the X Window System. It includes lower case, the real time clock, hi-res graphics, serial port, parallel printer, mouse, cassette, sound and music output (requires OSS), 5" and 8" floppy disk drives in single and double density, and even hard disk drives. The emulated floppy and hard disk file formats are compatible with the popular MSDOS-based emulators by Jeff Vavasour and Matthew Reed, and (if you choose a capable enough file format), all features of the original TRS-80 floppy disk controller are emulated. Under Linux, physical floppy disk drives are also supported. Physical cassettes can be read and written too.

SDLTRS v1.1.0 Model I/III/4 Emulator

Author: Mark Grebe

Web site:

Download: Windows or MAC OSX or LINUX Version.

SDLTRS builds on XTRS and adds Windows and Mac OS X support, Fullscreen display, Text based GUI on Windows and Linux, and in Fullscreen mode on the Macintosh, Configuration files, Disk LED Indicators on screen, Creation of Disk images inside of the program, Saving and loading of disk sets, Saving and loading of emualtor state, Copy and Paste of text to/from host and emulator, and USB Joystick support.

Emulator Features:

  • Windows and Mac OS X support.
  • Fullscreen display
  • Text based GUI on Windows and Linux, and in Fullscreen mode on the Macintosh.
  • Configuration files.
  • Disk LED Indicators on screen.
  • Creation of Disk images inside of the program.
  • Saving and loading of disk sets.
  • Saving and loading of emualtor state.
  • Copy and Paste of text to/from host and emulator.
  • USB Joystick support.
  • Graphical interface, include Media management with graphical representation of the disk drives and cassette [MAC Only]
  • Printer emulation of Epson FX-80 and CGP-115 Plotter/Printer, with output to PDF files. [MAC Only]
  • Debugger in separate program window. [MAC Only]
  • TRS-80 Model I, III, and 4/4p emulation.
  • Emulated cassette drive.
  • Emulated 5" and 8" floppy disk drives.
  • Emulated Hard Drives.
  • Data Import and Export from Host.
  • Sound emulation.
  • Mouse emulation.
  • Joystick emulation.
  • Printer emulation.
  • Debugger.

TRS80GP v2.0.4 Model III/4 Emulator for Windows

Author: George Phillips

Web site:

Download: ZIP.

Built primarily as a development tool for software written for real TRS-80's and for experiments in improved emulation fidelity, it can load programs in .cas, .hex, .bas or .cmd format directly from a command line but has no disk emulation nor can use use CLOAD or SYSTEM to load .cas files. No separate ROM is required.

Multi Emulator Super System v1.43 Model I/III/4 Emulator for Windows

Author: MESS Development Team

Web site:

Download: Binary / Executable, the Source, and the necessary Font Pack.

MESS is a source-available project which documents the hardware for a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles, and calculators through software emulation, as MAME does for arcade games. As a nice side effect to this documentation, MESS allows software and games for these hardware platforms to be run on modern PCs.

TRSEMU v1.4 Model III Emulator for Javascript

Author: Peter Phillips

Web site:

Download: TRSEMU.

Emulates a TRS-80 Model III using only Javascript.

Level I Simulator for the Web (Java)

Author: Jeff Vavasour

Web site:

Emulates a Level I TRS-80 Model on the Web (Java).

Model III Emulator for Windows (Updated 3/9/2017)

Author: Matt Hamilton

Download: Model III Emulator.

Features include:

  • Emulates Model III computer running at standard 2.03MHz (can be run faster)
  • Full Z-80 emulation (including undocumented opcodes -- passes all ZEXALL opcode tests)
  • Emulation of a floppy disk controller supporting four virtual floppy drives
  • Support for all major virtual floppy formats (DMK, JV3, JV1)
  • Tape drive emulation supports high and low speed reading and writing (CAS format)
  • Windowed and full-screen modes
  • Built-in Z-80 assembler and disassembler
  • Real-time monitor of Z-80 registers and state, and floppy controller status
  • Bundled disk and tape library includes applications, utilities, operating systems, and games
  • Printer to file support
  • Support for all video modes, including wide characters and Kanji mode