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Basic Computing - Volume 6, Number 11


         Basic Computing - Volume 6, Number 11

Issue Information:

Name:Basic Computing
Issue:Vol 6 No 11 / Issue 43
Date:November 1983
Publisher:80-NW Publishing
Issue Contents:
12Eat and run
by Ron Reed
Model 100
Graphically see the brutal truth of your eating habits.
16The computerized shrink
by Michael Nugent, Ph.D.
Models I/II/III4/12/16
How do you score on this stress test?
22TRSDOS 6.0
by Jim Klaproth
Model 4
A review of the Model 4 operating system.
26Color sketcher
by Glen Tapanila
Color Computer
Draw, save and load your pictures with ease.
Bob Snapp
Models 12/16
A collection of repair jobs for TRSDOS-II version 4.2.
by David E. Clapp, Ph.D.
Models I/II/III/4/12/16
Analyze your heart disease risk factors.
54Model 4 hints and tricks
Al Mashburn
Model 4
Improvements you won't find explained in the manual: sound, speed, 128K and a pilot light,
58Exploring VisiCalc
by Timothy K. Bowman
Models I/II/III/4/12/16
DIF isn't so difficult: Part 2.
66BASIC bits
by Thomas L. Quindry
Models I/III/4
Restoring tape Scripsit, using relational operators and other answers.
68In the chips

Spencer Hall

Models I/III/4
Intercepting the keyboard and a step-by-step BASIC program monitor.
74Making the Model 100 useful
by Dr. George Haller
Model 100
Five short programs for letter writing, check writing and more.
76Basically BASIC
by James A. Conrad
For all readers
78A potpourri of puzzlers
by Staff
For all readers
Solutions to many of this year's Puzzlers in Notes, etc.
84Computer ease
by Mark E. Renne
For all readers
What is "permanent" storage?
88Quick find
by Jerry Lathem
For all readers
Making a faster search routine.
94DMP-2100 Printer
Reviewed by Pete Carr
94Zorloff II
Reviewed by R. W. Odlin
97Sooper Spooier
Reviewed by Terry Kepner
9968000 MBASIC Interpreter
Reviewed by Pete Carr
100Number Cruncher
Reviewed by Carl Grafton and Anne Permaloff
By Cameron C. Brown
8Letters to the editor
By Cameron C. Brown
10Notes, etc.
72Tandy topics
By Ed Juge
103For immediate release
  • Personalized Software Gift (Chartscan Data, Inc)
  • Model 100 Bar Code Reader (Bi-Tech Enterprises, Inc)
  • Computer Periodical for Physicians (Physician Computer Monthly)
  • The "Basic Algorithms" Micro Chart (Micro Logic)
  • WordStar for TRS-80 and MAX-80 (Logical Systems, Inc)
  • CP/M for Model 4 (Montezuma Micro)
  • 64-column Model I/III Emulator for Color Computer (Spectrum Projects)
  • Model 100 Color Graphics (Andreasen's Electronics Research and Development)
  • LISP for Models I/III/4 (Artificial Intelligence Technologies)
  • Mini-T-Switches (Inmac)
  • Beginners Programming Book (Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc)
  • Video Library Organizer (Prosoft)
  • Sweet-Plot 80 Business Graphics Software Package (Enter Computer, Inc)
  • Lazy Writer for Model 4 (AlphaBit Communications, Inc)
  • VisiCalc Tutorial Software (Little, Brown and Co.)
  • Free FORTH Reference Card (FORTH Interest Group)
  • Brainstormer Problem Solver Software (Soft Path Systems)
  • Edit-protect Model I (Glenn/Cliff Associates)
  • TestRite Custom Testing Package (Class 1 Systems)
  • Pocket Computer PC-3 (Radio Shack)
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